sayings that are useful to prepping

1. Forgive your enemy, but remember the butthead’s name.

Forgiveness is mandated not only for the well being of the wrong do’er but more importantly for yourself. The bible teaches us that we should turn the other cheek which is forgiveness, however, it also speaks of a fool and his money. I believe this also pertains to preps. As an old saying goes fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.

Here is the point if someone fools you the first time and attempts to take advantage of you and the situation then that’s on you!

2. If you help someone when they’re in trouble, they will remember you when they’re in trouble again.

give a fish and they can eat for a day, teach tem to fish and they will not be hungry again. (and they owe you big time so you should get some fat fish out of it)

3.  Many people are alive only because it’s illegal to shoot them.

This is why you carry an ax handle and a shovel……..I am just saying.

4.  Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then neither does milk.

From a Pirate’s point of view I take great exception to the above statement.

1. alcohol can be used as a sterilization process.

2. it can cool down a fevered patient, or heat up a cold shoulder.

3. sleep agent, Need I say More?

4. Visual acuities can be altered. Sometimes that leans more in her favor than his.

5. Fuel for Burners, heat and Flaming cocktails.

6. Barter item

7. Makes you a better Karaoke Singer

8. Helps make you the smartest, Coolest, Most Attractive You that You can be!

9. Larger crowd disbursement tool, or I think the buzz word is “Force Multiplier”

10. Toleration tool

There I just named a few don’t tell me the Rum…. Uhum, I mean Alcohol doesn’t solve any problem haven’t you heard of

“let me buy you a drink and we can talk about it” or “Lets Toast to that” or “Lets celebrate, what’ll you have?” or “Hold my drink and watch this”……..hmm, well you get the point….Alcohol doesn’t solve any problems….. I call Poppy cock!

Drink Up Me Harty’s

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