Riddle me this?

This is a compilation or recent reports that realy can get a person thinking. This is from our friend Rob the “Kilted Pirate” over at www.wethepeoplesurvivalandoutdoors.net. read through the articles and then answer this….why is it that some people still dont think it is necessary to prepare for the “what if’s” in life? Feel free to comment.

Syria lashes out at Egypt decision to sever ties


Iran to send 4,000 troops to aid President Assad forces in Syria


Russia says illegal to impose Syria no-fly zone from Jordan


US troops on Syria border as Obama arms rebels


Russia and Iran Prop Up Syria’s War Machine, and Tell the West to Butt Out


Syria Crisis to Top G-8 Summit Agenda


Just stand back and look at the big picture. Is this the start of WW3?

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