Recipe – Fish In A Frying Pan – Guest Post

Fish In A Frying Pan


• 1 fresh fish, cleaned (do this outside, not in the kitchen sink!)
• Flour (enough to coat fish)
• Fresh lemon
• Olive oil (enough to cover bottom of pan)

After cleaning the fish, dry it off. Add some olive oil in the bottom of a hot frying pan. Dredge fish in the flour and add to the frying pan. Cook on one side until lightly browned, turn over and cook on other side till done. Plate and serve with freshly squeezed lemon.

Optional: Add some butter to the pan after cooking and removing the fish. Add some sliced almonds and lemon juice, a splash of sweet white wine, if desired. Let it cook for a minute or two, don’t let the butter burn. Pour the butter/almond mixture over the fish.


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