Preppers have some basic scenario as to why we prep.

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We as preppers all have some basic scenario as to why we prep

This guest post by Vincent P

We as preppers all have some basic scenario as to why we prep. Short of a global disaster, which would make our preparations an exercise in futility, we as human beings have a natural instinct to survive and protect our families and property. No matter what the situation is the bottom line is all ways the same.

I have learned much from this site and am very thankful for the wisdom that all of the folks who have contributed their ideas to others who read the blog might benefit. I to would like to contribute some of my thoughts and ideas.

Myself like many others live on a limited budget. To prep in today’s economy means to make sacrifices in our way of living. It can be done. If you do it bit by bit you will be amazed at how fast your preps will accumulate. The pyramids did not go up in one year. I won’t go into the how to’s as there is a myriad of posts that cover this subject. What I have not seen to my recollection is much discussion on bartering. Bartering may or may not be on your agenda. It is difficult enough to put aside your own supplies let alone more for trading.

If however you are able to do this it will have its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are obvious as you are able to trade for items that you are in need of. The disadvantages are that you are advertising to others that you have a surplus of supplies and this could be opening yourself up to a situation that you would not like to find yourself involved in. My only advice here would be to approach the bartering in a cautious manner. Be aware of who you are trading with. Are they the nice people up the lane or the roving gang of have not’s. Food for thought.

Some of the items that I have considered putting aside for possible bartering are basic items that could be useful to some .

Canned goods: a no brainer

Dry goods: salt, sugar, all spices in general

Water: I have some store bought bottled water but also I save all of my two liter soda bottles to fill with water and store them in milk crates. This makes for free water , no shelves, easily portable and I also store some in the freezers which when there is a power outage for any long length of time helps to preserve the contents.

Toilet tissue: this is an absolute necessity. Until you have tried the grass or leave thing you will know that this is an absolute great barter item.

Medical items and personal: pain relievers (all types, headache toothache, etc.,), first aid kit type items, tooth paste and brushes, soap, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, the “teens”: caffeine and nicotine; who can start off the day without these. There are still folks out there who still need their smokes. Today in my neck of the woods a carton of cigarettes is going for anywhere between $85 and $95 a carton. You can purchase on line a cigarette making machine, a 1 pound bag of tobacco and a carton of cigarette tubes for the price of one carton of cigarettes. A pound bag of tobacco will yield approximately two and a half cartons of smokes and takes about one hour of your time to push out. The cost is around $15 a carton. so if you smoke you can see the huge savings that could be used for your other preps. The tobacco comes in a heavy duty re-sealable pouch to keep it fresh. The cigarettes would be an extremely great trade item and if you are a smoker you know what I am talking about.

Meat: If you have the means and know how, chickens and rabbits are fairly easy to raise, require minimum of care compared to larger livestock and who doesn’t like fresh eggs.

Propane : the 1 pound propane cylinders are rather inexpensive and safe and easy to store. A lot of folks have camp stoves or heaters that run on this and I think would also be a good item to stock up on.

Fire making and lighting: strike anywhere matches and candles, kerosene for lanterns, magnesium fire starters, or as you buck skinners and re-enactors know, a good flint and steel. All sizes of batteries regular and rechargeable.

Ammo: all the popular calibers, .22lr, 9mm, 38special, 357 mag., .40 s&w, .45, 223 and 556, 308 to name a few .If you are a re loader you would be able to do this at a greater savings than purchasing ready made cartridges. Black powder (be creative here)

Army surplus: pouches, belts, all types of carry bags

So there you have it. The list is not all inclusive but gives one a general idea of what can be good barter items. Most folks will have all of these things and much much more . Some folks will not or will have run out and will have the need to re stock and you just might have what they need.

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