The Pirates republic has some great Freakin NEWS. Me Apologies if your recieving a second helping of this har GRReat News but suck it up and raise a Pint!

We have surpassed the 11,000 mark for Unique Readers For Our humble Web Site. Yep you heard right Over ELEVEN THOUSAND UNIQUE READERS HAVE GRACED US WITH THEIR ATTENTION AND PATRONAGE! Some of you can only hang on for the 180 or less characters, and you know who you are, but we love you one and all. Well, wait a minute, We Love You that’s a given, however, because of commitment issues Salty Just Likes you a lot!

Thank you for given us the opportunity to serve the Preparedness community. We have many great adventures planned as well as projects and reviews. Thank you again Matey’s may the wind be always at your back and your sails be full of fresh, fair winds.



The Pirates Republic Crew

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