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How to make a prepper OPSEC plan

 by Graywolf Prepper

How to be a Prepper: OPSEC for Preppers Part 3:

Who do you have to protect it from?


Learn how to bodyguard


Ok, I know that should have read, “…from whom do you have to protect it.” Get over it; it’s my blog. …and we’re back – This is a very important step in learning how to be a prepper with good OPSEC. If you don’t know who you’re protecting your stuff from, you won’t have a thorough idea of how you should protect it. You have to consider all threats, their capabilities, their motivations and intentions.

If you have a lot of valuable stuff, and your life depended on having it all, your plan will be a lot different if you lived on an island than if you lived in the middle of the Bronx and SHTF. You’ll be coming up with a plan of action later, and your adversary’s capabilities will be very important.

You’re going to have to run through several scenarios to think about this thoroughly. It helps if you know just exactly what you’re planning for. Different situations can present different threats from different people. Each of these situations can also present different threats as the situation deteriorates, which is what we call a threat continuum. Take the example of a temporary SHTF scenario where your town’s been flooded. At first, the threats to your safety and well being are going to be pretty much only the water and associated threats like gas lines erupting or exposure.

Other people in this stage are going to be more helpful than they usually are. Consider that they may not be an immediate threat but that could change later. If you tell someone that you have a stash of supplies, it may not be a problem at the time. If the situation doesn’t improve in a couple weeks, that same person will be looking for your stuff. Look how many times you’ve heard about family knocking on the door of their crazy prepper cousin after nature bore down on the town. Neighbors are even worse.

The human threats from the first stages of a disaster like that will come mainly from people who are potential threats normally. They’ll take targets of opportunity, and there’s a lot more opportunity in a SHTF scenario. As the natural threats change, more opportunities present themselves and people start changing their priorities. Their priorities will start heading down the hierarchy toward the more basic needs. The longer a survival situation lasts, the more danger from others will be present.

The next stage are the friendly threats. Basically, the sheeple who either didn’t prepare or didn’t prepare thoroughly. They’ll run out looking for water immediately and food and power soon after. They’ll see your lights on and invite themselves in. Your family, friends and neighbors are going to be the worst offenders here. This is where you stand in the window and stare out at them while drinking your ice-cold beer and go, “Fools! Told ya so!” This is one of the reasons why OPSEC is so important while you’re prepping. It doesn’t do much good to stock up for a month for four people if a week into it, six more join in and don’t bring anything to the table. These people may not be threats today but giving them critical information now will empower them later. Your OPSEC should start the day you decide to be a prepper.

The last stage is the gang and marauder stage (I’m jumping ahead here because there are other references out there that you can read intimate details of how people act in a SHTF scenario if you’re so inclined, and I’ll be writing on disaster psychology at some point anyway). Some people will gather together into groups to protect themselves. A small minority of groups will gather together to take what other groups have. As the situation deteriorates, this minority will grow. You’re going to have to work together with people to join or start a group. These people that you join could potentially turn on you later. Be very careful about who you let into your inner circle. Friends and family can make the worst enemies.





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