Obama already asserts authority to seize your farm, greenhouse, livestock, seeds and grain

This is something we have been barking like a Dawg about for some time and is a huge reason we talk about self sustainment thru  growing your own produce and storeing shelf stable foods such as the food offered at our Not Just Food store not only to use in times of crisis but as an everyday basic food. If the farms get siezed and big brutha takes over you think prices will drop and availability will increase? Really????

Go ahead read the article written by someone over at Right Side News and tell us what you think.

As is readily apparent, the executive order admits that the  federal government can seize all farms, food, seeds, livestock and water  resources any time it wants. The USDA  agricultural census document provides the U.S. government with a “registration  list” of all farms, seeds, tractors, livestock and water resources. It tells  them what each farm possesses and exactly where to find it.
Remember, the  U.S. government has already purchased 1.6  billion rounds of ammunition and thousands  of armored assault vehicles to use domestically, against the American  people. The global economy stands on the verge of collapse, with food shortages  almost certain to follow a banking collapse. Once that happens, starvation is  only days away, and it’s not unreasonable to imagine the federal government  using the USDA agricultural census database to compile a “seizure target list”  of farms to raid for food, tractors, seeds and livestock.
Learn more:  http://www.naturalnews.com/039652_USDA_agriculture_census_government_surveillance.html#ixzz2OnWTl8RD

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