Noteworthy Reading

I like to think aloud, and share a word or two…and after a good book, I might babble on to you….so allow me to announce, with pride and wonderment, the joys these words of prose which hath my imagination bent.

1. America : The Last Best Hope *vol. 1 and 2 – William Bennett – This history text is so powerful and well written that it captured me completely.  We learn from where we’ve been, and to truly understand what we have here in the USA it might benefit many to understand at what cost our liberties were purchased for us.  The story begins with Christopher Columbus and Ends with Reagan.  There is of course a bit more to it, and I liked that part in the middle and stuff.  Stops before Clinton. ( A HUGE BONUS! )  But seriously, I never thought a history book could be such a page turner.

2. Liberty and Tyranny – Mark Levin – Spells out philosophical arguments for the sentiments of patriotism and allegiance to our constitution in a fashion that could only be derived from deep love of country.  It mentions some current event type stuff but remains timeless but maintaining a strong philosophical bent that will stand the test of time.  I also love the fact that Mark doesn’t call names or say get off the phone you big dope not even once…a saint I say!

3. Ameritopia – Mark Levin – The threat our nation faces from the failed philosophies of masterminds past, and some hope that America might return to the ideals of our constitution and the concepts that helped them create this constitutional government.  Of course he also proves that He himself would have been a benefit at any constitutional convention.  Uses works of Cicero, Montesquieu, Locke, Plato, Marx, and more to demonstrate points in an interesting yet academic fashion.

4. Intellectuals and Society – Thomas Sowell – Why do we suffer from bad policies in our country?  Possibly because someone believes they know more about us than we do…why do they believe that?  Thomas Sowell explains wonderfully.

5. The Thomas Sowell Reader – When you find pure genius, you have to share.  Please read this one, it’s perfect for reading one chapter here, and one there.  Every chapter raised my IQ by a point or 2…wish there were more, because my IQ started at the floor.  This book offers some fascinating incites and even eased my mind about the fact that my son still wasn’t talking at 2 years old.  Mr. Sowell has written 46 books in his career, and not one was about a demonic car or a crazed rabid dog…each one meant something.

6.We Were Soldiers Once and Young – Lt. General Harold Moore and Joseph Galloway – A great telling of a true story from beginning to end.  In a time when so many non-veterans were trying to disgrace the honorable service of our soldiers,  General Moore and Joe Galloway served up some overdue honor.  I think all Veterans who have served since Vietnam must appreciate the great men who served in that war.  Thank you to all Vietnam Vets, your service was great during the war and after.

These books have had a major influence on my personal philosophy and politics.  These authors, especially Levin and Sowell are also constantly speaking on podcasts in my ears.  If I ever sound like any of them, understand it is just the language that they taught me to speak.


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  1. paige says:

    Thanks, I love reading recommended books! Blessings, P

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