My Evacuation Plan

A great place to start, my evacuation plan!

Do you have one?

Most evacuation plans pretty much consist of everyone meeting out front if anything happens. Is that’s your plan? Even after all the training “Uncle” gave me, it was mine until I got married and had children. When I was single and it was just me to take care of and my plan was simple, it consisted of Beer and more beer and oh yes some hotdogs, M&M’s, ice cream, chocolate syrup, olive oil, a slip and slide and a midget on a tricycle all right there with me ready to enjoy the end of the world show! Sure, you laugh now but it would have been spectacular party and if you are honest you would have wanted to be there!

I developed a totally different point of view when I started a family and I read a semi secret government study called “dark winter”. The study was commissioned to observe the speed in which a pandemic that started in a foreign country would make it to America as well as the rest of the world. The study also reported the cause and effect it would have on our society as we know it and how the Government would deal with it. The experiment proved the absolute failure and the total collapse of the government in a very short amount of time, I mean within a few short days. The study proved the SHTF (stuff hitting the fan) scenarios were real possibilities and the government had NO WAY of combating it effectively. You would expect “Big Brother” could learn something from this study and others like it but with their track record I won’t bet my future on it are you?

So together we thought it would be prudent to sit down and start discussing several scenarios that may occur and what action we would take should the scenarios unfold. It was then I realized I was not 10 foot tall, bullet proof and fearless. To be honest with you I have two major fears. My second worst fear is that my wife and child are left here to fend for themselves without me. My single worst fear is that my child is left without either parent to protect them. I choose not to trifle with the things that are out of my control however, I can prepare for events and situations that I may have a say in the outcome of! Fear can be a great motivator so into action we go. To best avoid these scenarios we sat down and started rationalizing out a viable plan. We visited web sites that played out dooms day scenarios and minimum safe distances of those occurrences.

To be honest at times we got overwhelmed and had to take breaks as not to get discouraged with the entire scope of things and let’s face it folks we weren’t planning a birthday party but that’s why we have the cookies. We pressed on and continued reading books, magazines and research on the internet. Empowered by information we went to our local travel plaza and got a cup of coffee and our state map as well as the maps of the surrounding states that touched our borders they were offered free of charge. We started off with our state map. We marked a 25 mile radius followed by a fifty, one hundred, one hundred fifty miles and so forth to give us and idea of area we need to think about. There are website out there in cyber land that will give you any number of doomsday scenarios just pick the one you wish to concern yourself with and run with it. I think this internet thing is gonna catch on! We have our information on what the parameters are So now Where To Go?

Salty Dawg

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