Mental Preparedness Exercises for Natural Disasters – by: Josh Anderson

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Mental Preparedness Exercises for Natural Disasters

Written by: Josh Anderson

The trauma following natural disasters can be long-lasting and devastating. At the very least, many people feel insecure and unable to return to normalcy. However, certain exercises can boost one’s mental preparedness, which makes it possible to cope with challenges that might arise after occurrences like natural disasters, the death of a loved one, terrorist attacks and other traumatic experiences. The rate at which people adapt to such incidences varies, so it’s important to know some strategies now, strengthen your mental resilience in the future. Read on to learn about some of the most effective mental exercises to help you bounce back.

Build Connections

Establishing close relationships with family members, friends and especially other people who can impact your life positively is important. This makes it easier for most to accept help from others, and in turn, since they know you, they’re likely to listen and support you accordingly. Support from other people can help when you need to overcome a tragedy and move on. So, take inventory of those in your life. Who would be there for you in the event of a catastrophe? Nurture those relationships, and work on those that you’re not sure of.

Positive Outlook

Devastating events like natural disasters can occur at anytime, and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that. So a stable state of mind helps after disasters happen. More importantly, a positive frame of mind makes it easy to respond and interpret such situations. It’s also encouraging when you know difficult situations don’t last forever. Optimism makes you look on the brighter side, ideally the expectations that things will be better at the back of your mind encourages people when dealing with difficult situations. However, in order to utilize this point of view when it counts, you must prepare yourself now – practice being positive and optimistic, when it comes to little nuisances and large obstacles.


Since change is inevitable, you should accept it as part of life. When change occurs, learn to accept the circumstances that come with it. When faced with difficult challenges, this attitude can makes it possible to focus only on the things you can influence. Thus, those that you can’t change become easy to accept and move on from when disaster strikes. Similarly, when you can change things for the better, learn to work hard now so that you can pass the test when your resolve is put to one!

Realistic goals

Speaking of which, knowing how to set realistic goals makes it possible to achieve many things in life. Instead of focusing on a few goals that may never come to fruition, it’s much better to focus on many smaller goals that you can realize.  Regularly keeping this in mind can help when you need to overcome various difficulties. It also becomes easy when you know how to return to normal life after disaster destabilizes your life.

Decisive Action

Most people try to alienate themselves when faced with different challenges. Remember that you can’t wish problems away. Taking decisive actions can make you operate confidently in any situation, and this is the only way to find quick solutions to problems, so be decisive daily. Whether you’re having a discussion at work or shopping at the grocery store, be assertive and efficient.


Dealing with traumatic experiences can be much easier when you know your strengths and weaknesses. You should try to learn about yourself in every endeavor you undertake, as this will enable you to work on your weakness and improve your strengths. Knowing your abilities, values and priorities improves your confidence, and this makes it easy to resolve difficult issues. It’s easier to rely on your instincts, and keep in mind what really matters in life.

Jason Rogers writes all about mental health. His recent work is on the Top 25 Smart Choice Schools for Online Psychology Degrees.
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