Liberty vs. Anarchy

The distinction between Liberty and Anarchy was a topic that was repeatedly tackled by the founders of our nation.  They realized that without laws, there could be no true liberty.  Of course this becomes important when confronted with certain disaster scenarios.   Many people are caught in situations without food, water, power, and sometimes even more importantly, Law.

The founders believed that Government is not a necessary evil, but a necessary good.  Without government we have lawlessness, chaos, anarchy.  While we may disagree in the U.S. about the size and scope of government, we would be in serious trouble without it.  Certainly we want to be as self governing as possible in our country, but that requires self discipline and the understanding that while we have the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of too does our neighbor.  Of course I reiterate this bit of fundamental common sense simply because it seems that many in our society could use a reminder.

Anarchy is certainly what occurs after a crisis.  New York, New Jersey, New Orleans are not new at all.  Tragedy that allows lawlessness these days begets even more tragedy.  Criminals always seem to be waiting for an opportunity to strike.  Ironic that in a society that idealized self government from the outset, even a momentary lapse in law enforcement gives rise to lawlessness and terrorism.  We have created this society by turning our backs on the responsibilities that correspond to our rights.  Our privilege in America should be matched by a duty to her Ideals, but instead we have allowed those who mock duty and responsibility to become the majority.

I think that the solution to this problem is education.  I know that it is almost definitely too late for some.  I do believe that the majority of the people in this country are not quick to abandon their humanity at the drop of a hat, but I know too that it doesn’t take many people in a malicious state of mind to cause a great deal of damage.  My only preventive weapons are words.  I believe that arming people with a sense of duty can make a difference.  I also know that some people may consider me naive.  That is fair enough, but realize that I am talking about preparation.  After a catastrophe, I am not going to be trying to reach the unreachable.

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