L.A. Officials Say : Prep For Two Weeks On Your Own! L.A. Sucks! Thunder up California

We often hear about all the crazy Nut burgers out there prepping for the absolute end of the world and man are they out there! As anyone knows if they have followed my writings the only reason for me to pause and correct someone about the reason they prep is when some Dolt responds ” I am prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse” UGH!
So I will spare you my speech on starting off with legitimacy and over coming Morons even within our own ranks.Yes I know what “Zombie” is code for but it is stupid and starts you off way down on the “I AM MORON” scale. This is not where you want to be when trying to speak with people who have legitimate concerns.
Sorry for the speech but it at least was the shortened version! Now back on topic, isn’t it funny how the everyday prepper types don’t get reported on it’s just the crazies that grab all that attention. Such attention I would rather not have but attention none the less. It is we the everyday Gals and Guys that just keep doing what we do. We ignore the name calling and funny looks when we purchase 10 cases of water or canning jars and Pectin.
Heaven forbid if we have the audacity to wear overalls or camo anything when we work around the HQ (uh I mean homestead) or not have a clue when someone mentions something they saw on T. V. last night because you spend your time doing something worth while rather than draining brain cells in front of the Boob tube ( don’t get me wrong Pirate’s love boobs). How about when they give you the foreign tourist look when you mention planting by the phases of the moon and your composting is coming along nicely. Nay,  it is we who are lumped in with the fringes of our society. Still we persevere and wonder why the Moronic Sheople can’t see what we see.
We are deluged with mixed signals, the red Cross says we should Prepare for 72 hours. Fema says if we prepare for more than 72 hours we are hoarders and are subject to being on the DUN, DUN, DUN(scary music)  “LIST” LISt, LIst, List, list ( my writers attempt at and ECHO, oh Now you get it!”) But as anybody with enough I.Q. points above a glass of water knows that the more there is that are prepared the less of a drain on the resources of those racing to the rescue. But regardless we are seen as a threat and as such we are demonized at every opportunity.
However, then there is this article from one of the largest populated and dare I say one of the most neediest states within our borders. Many of these folks are as stupid as the majority of the Hurricane Sandy crowd, still shaking my head over that one. Two weeks notice that it was definitely going to hit them and they still can’t prepare. It was not the poorest that was screaming the loudest it was the pukes with the resources to actually prepare but NO the government will come in and save them, BOO Feckin  HOO!”Cali” will be the same mark my words. they are already a bankrupt state and looking for ways to steal more money out of the federal coffers.
If I didn’t spend memorable portions of my career training in and around San Diego I would be willing to trade it back to Mexico for something named at a later date involving sombreros, avocados, mango’s, tequila and unfettered travel in the Mexican Rivera and the entire Island of Cozumel (not in that order, Probably should start with the Tequila so we can get somewhere). However, I like the Southern California section and I like the Northern California section so a fair and even swap with Canada is out unless Seattle is part of the deal. Can’t trade anybody for the middle part cause its to shaky. It is those people this announcement was targeted too and this article was written for, odds are they won’t listen. That’s okay mateys we kept a good eye upon the Land Lubber scallywags and we can gleam good Intel and some pertinent info from this article, and Ye pass it along says I.Read and Enjoy and as always tell us what you think.Written Mar 112013


Simultaneous fire and flood after Japan's March 2011 earthquake.

Simultaneous fire and flood after Japan’s March 2011 earthquake.


Even though it is we who should be making fun of them (and of course we don’t – at least not to their faces), non-preppers like to poke fun at us, and to suggest that we’re in some way foolish, maybe paranoid, and definitely being unnecessarily worried about things we have no reason to worry about.

Unspoken in their thoughts is always the concept that if prepping were prudent, surely the government would either do it for us, or encourage us to do it ourselves.

The curious thing about this perception is that – if they only cared to look and listen – they’d see plenty of examples of government departments at city, county, state and federal levels all encouraging us to become semi-self-sufficient for varying amounts of time.

Here’s the most recent example.

Los Angeles held a memorial ceremony today to commemorate the second anniversary of the March 2011 earthquake in Japan, an event that killed 18,000 and destroyed 300,000 homes, to say nothing of the consequential tsunami which damaged three nuclear reactors and caused the second worst ever release of radiation as a result (only Chernobyl was worse), with fallout spreading even to the US (and causing a panic rush on Potassium Iodide supplies to the point where individual tablets started selling for more than entire bottles previously did).

Fire department officials attending the ceremony urged the public to prepare for future disasters, and said people needed to be able to cope for being at least ‘two weeks on your own’.

Fire Battalion Chief Larry Collins added

The message for a lot of us needs to be, ‘Be ready for anything’.  The message used to be 72 hours, but we’ve seen in disasters like [Hurricane] Katrina, even [Hurricane] Sandy recently, that, really, if it’s wiped out your infrastructure, and your electricity grid and your communications, it will be very likely be more than three days before you start getting food, water and other supplies coming in from outside.

So there you have it, right from the horse’s mouth, as it were (here’s a link to the article).  Be ready for anything, and be able to cope for at least two weeks on your own (what we’d term a Level 1 situation).  That’s with no water, no sewage system, no external food supplies, and no electricity.

Update :  An interesting article came out in Seattle just five days later, with more detailed information on likely disaster response/recovery leadtimes in WA, OR and SFO, and quoting more officials rejecting three-day preparations as being adequate.  We discuss this in more detail here.

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