It’s nobody’s business how many chickens or goats I’m raising

Another Jewels from our friends over at Natural News. This article deals with the powers of the USDA and their mission to willingly usurp the constitution rights of sovereign citizens. Enjoy the article and as always tell us what you think or tell us a joke like A horse walk into a bar and the bartender says “hey buddy why the long face?” What? You got better?

I raise  chickens and goats, and it’s nobody’s business how many I care for. The USDA  says that everybody with backyard chickens is a “farmer” under their  control and therefore must fill out this form or face fines and a possible  personal visit by government agents.  The USDA itself admits all this,  saying:
Even if you do not believe you qualify as a farmer. You may be  surprised to learn that a farm is defined as any place that produced and sold,  or normally would have sold, $1,000 or more of agricultural products during the  Census year. Many people who do not think of themselves as farmer actually meet  the definition according to the Census. If you own horses, backyard chickens,  large urban gardens, etc., you may qualify as a farmer.
Thus, by  their own admission, even if you do not produce any food whatsoever, the mere  act of living on a piece of land that COULD produce food makes you a  farmer! If you have a “large urban garden” you must spy on yourself for the  government!
If you refuse to fill out the form, the USDA will send  government spies to your property to confront you in person. In their own  words:
“For those who do not respond by April 5, NASS will begin  following up by telephone and personal visits.”
Add yet, even though you  are threatened with being visited by government agents for failing to fill out  the form, the USDA admits their own website doesn’t even work much of the  time and loses the information you’re trying to fill out:
We are  experiencing intermittent connection issues and are working to resolve them as  soon as possible. We understand that some respondents have lost their connection  or received an error screen that does not allow them to return to the  information they already entered. We greatly apologize for this inconvenience  and we hope to have the problems resolved very soon. (SOURCE)
Furthermore,  you are not allowed to answer any question with, “I don’t know.” As the USDA  explains:
NASS does not provide an option for respondents to select  “don’t know” because your best estimate is always better than “don’t  know.”
Of course, the government can always imprison you for  providing inaccurate information, so the mere act of attempting to fill out the  form automatically makes you a criminal for reporting inaccurate  financial data. It’s a catch-22: Refuse to fill out the form, and you earn a  visit from government agents along with possible fines. Choose to fill out the  form, and you incriminate yourself with possible felony violations for “lying to  the government.” This is the crime that sent Martha Stewart to prison, by the  way.
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