I wonder if this is how the Declaration of Independence was Born?

I recently altered and re-Posted an article that embodied the spirit of The Pirates Republic since then it has spirited much debate and thought among readers of this site as well as others across the globe. Some remain private and others have made their voices heard publicly. It is not about the manner of which they expressed their opinions it is about the sentiment that they espoused that I write this today. The first article is rather lengthy and is not the topic at hand but you may read it here. Today we shall speak about a few of the responses to that article AYE  a few of the responses have filled my sails with the fair winds of encouragement!

Many people talk a good game about the “what if’s” but very seldom have the courage to act even in the slightest. Oh but folk like to think about it. We call this paralyzation thru analyzation. Tis Here it be best that I am begging for a little latitude matey’s so follow me on this.  I have written about this before and it is a very effective tool that is deployed to entrap and quagmire the masses.  The few have broken thru the quagmire traps due to their unyielding resolve and resiliency for the God-given Right of FREEDOM!

I say few because 15 to 22 million people (Preppers) are a few when compared to the total of 7.075 billion humans globally occupying space upon our planet. This surely must seem like an enormous number and how small we as individuals must feel when compared to those numbers, but lets put things into perspective, then I will get back to the topic.

In 1776 the population was estimated to be 800 million people with an estimated 2.5 million peeps in the American Colonies. The Declaration of Independence was finally signed after much debate by a number totalling 56 that is “FIFTY SIX” people signed under the penalty of death to pledge their fortunes NAY their very lives in support of the idea of FREEDOM! So think about it FIFTY SIX people as compared to the 2.5 Million people living in or around these people who had as much to gain by Independence as the signers and yet those FIFTY SIX people took a public stand. Now what I think is really mind-blowing is this…….it is said that the original Declaration of Independence was signed by just 2 that’s right TWO people signed it knowing if that document was intercepted and or discovered they surely would have been put to death publicly to thwart any outrageous notion of an independent state away from the tyrannical rule of the King and the idea of an Independent country would be set back if not totally defeated.

An idea, leading to support, leading to action, leading to debate of opposition or support, leading to more action, leading to more support, ultimately leading to FREEDOM. This great nation was born from an idea then acted upon then seen through to fruition then sadly complacency took hold which then brings us to here, and here we are talking about one man standing up. One man making an idea publicly known. One man recognising that he too shares to same principles as that idea and he too wishes to stand up and be heard. Then others join in being heard as many people sharing one idea and that idea will not be extinguished by moronic autocrats only interested in more power and the opportunity to benefit themselves just as in the days leading up to 1776. I truly wonder if his is how the Declaration of Independence was born.

You see after the article burst onto the Web the responses were what took me by surprise. Please take the time to read them all the opinions and views have merit and see if you have the same thoughts I did. When the dust settled there was action by everyone. Action from those who read the article and all the opinions and actions are as equally as important as the others. Some choose to express their opinions publicly, many choose to express their opinions privately which will never be seen but I assure you they overwhelmingly mirrored the publicly provided sentiment with a few naysayer sprinkled in the mix.

One Patriot wrote:

“If one person is willing to give their all, or actually does fall in support of a cause, it will cause a mere blip on the screen.

If 100 stand up and are willing to take the same stand, then you have a noteworthy event.

I think this is where the problem is. most people I know are not cowards, they just don’t want to be the first or only one.”

Another Patriot States:

“I saw a suggestion on a forum that talked about forming committees of correspondence(sound familiar ?).

At this point we are pulling in all different directions for a common purpose.

The result is no progress. Organization is the key, and I think your idea has merit.”


Some have chosen a more aggressive approach and Posted a Declaration of Independence of his/her own which is too lengthy for this article but can be found in its entirety here  and I encourage you to take the time to read it. Coupled with this well written declaration and following through with a suggestion made by

Another  Patriot’s suggestion:

 “I totally agree with everything said!

I wish I were more eloquent with words like you all are. 

Is there a Facebook page for this?

If not there really needs to be to spread this faster.

Please let me know. Blessings to all you and your efforts, I will join you!”

With that KA-BOOM!!! a Face Book Page was launched called “The Watch”. This isn’t our facebook page it was launched by a reader. A reader that has been active in many things and still remains active in many endeavors that promote freedom and has decided to create a face book page dedicated to this idea. Who knows this could be the greatest most fantastical face book page ever and unite all the fragmented factions using up energy knowing that they need to do something but are unsure what is most productive so they do what they can. We will “friend” this site and promote its value providing it remains true to the beliefs it was founded on and we have no reason to believe this is not an honorable path our friend Laythar has chosen.

Then sadly there are those who also chose to do nothing, which is also an action. In eastern philosophy it is said


“Even no action is and action, if you stand still, will the world not pass you by?”


Sadly this is to often true for many people, they sit idle and watch while others make their decisions for them and they doth nay protest. Should their be nay protest it is naturally assumed you are in support. Without clarification evil and corruption is allowed to run without impunity by the checks and balance of a righteous society. I pity these sad, sad people or shall I say SHEEPLE because they are already victims and slaves to an unforgiving master, they just haven’t realized it yet.
















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