How Horrific Will It Be for the Non-Prepper?

 I  went on a Rant recently about Questioning why sheople cannot see what a prepper can see clearly. I admit I was getting discouraged by two things

1. the charlatans that prey on the newbies of the prepper lifestyle and try to profit by fear mongering and we call them out as pathetic snake oil salesmen pieces of garbage.

2. those folks out here that either do not see what we see or refuse to see what is in front of them. So I was practising what I preach and stepped back and delved into more information and seek the council of others to see of others are experiencing what I am or if we have we reached capacity of the like-minded folks?

What I found was many have experienced the same thing and are doing what I am, calling out those who seek to harm the prepping community by whoring whatever product throws them a special gift or a product they can turn a profit on even if it is crap. As for those who can’t or won’t see the effectiveness of preparing we can continue to attempt to educate them.

Those who choose to refuse to see the benefit and dismiss it as blah, blah, blah then we cut them loose and stop wasting valuable time that can be spent with those whom wish to learn. Those are the sheople that soon enough will be wishing they had listened and learned in the time an event occurs it is not the time to have a crash course.

I came across this article it is rather lengthy but it is a good read Click here to read the article in full . If you will let it explain why we do not want to let even on person go and be left to the Wolves but alas Wolves have to eat as well. You may want to print it off and give copies to those Family members you are not willing to give up on yet. Leave copies “Anonymously” around different places so random people you don’t want to ultimately turn away when the time comes.

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