Homemade Cool Whip

Homemade Cool Whip

7 Sep Homemade cool whip (15)

Print the recipe card!  homemade cool whip

Get a load of this ultra “cool” recipe, my friends!  This whipped topping is 100% fat free (on top of being rid of all the crap-ola found in store bought Cool Whip), made with all shelf stable ingredients and drum roll please… can (under the right weather conditions) be made without electricity!!  Did I mention it’s simple too?  So so simple.  It takes a total of 15 minutes of prep time. Ten of those minutes are spent beating the milk, which I count toward arm toning exercise, so that brings it down to a mere 5 minutes of “cooking” :)

My kids love this “Cool Whip” –and I don’t mind them eating it —  so we’re all happy!

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