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Home Security and Privacy Tips from Sherlock Holmes

Guest Post Written by: Aby League


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Burglars/Looters are good architects. They can un-puzzle dimensional weave and patterns and figure out how they can go from point A to point B. Burglary becomes a keen and technical exercise for some people and it happens all over the world. In fact, you might even know somebody who became victims of burglary. Or worse, you could have been a victim of one before. In an annual report from the FBI, in 2012 alone, burglary caused approximately 4.7 billion dollars’ worth of loss. There are ways in which you can protect yourselves from these insidious burglars and it takes a little bit of home improvement to do exactly as that of Sherlock Holmes.

Have Eyes Placed Inside and Outside your Home

Sherlock is a man of reason and he only formulates his deductions based on the data he has in his hands. Whenever he tackles his cases, he’ll gather data from the available evidences that can be readily observed and make inferences from there. In terms of home security and privacy, it’s a good idea to have cctv cameras installed in key places of your house; such as front doors, and backyard, as well as indoors. This will keep you informed about the comings and goings inside and outside your house, thus allowing you to adapt accordingly once an actual burglary occurs.

Do not Give Thieves the Opportunity

Hiding is one of the best safety precautions in any setting. In home security and privacy, it is best to keep your windows locked and curtains and blinds drawn down, so potential thieves will not be able to see what can be stolen from your house. Sherlock Holmes also knows that. After defeating his archnemesis professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls in the book The Final Problem, Sherlock hid for three years, hoping to escape the notice of the remnants of Moriarty’s organization who are seeking revenge for the death of their leader. This ploy by Sherlock allowed him to undertake adventures around the globe without interference from Moriarty’s remnant henchmen. Same goes with real life. Burglars breaking security and privacy should be treated as a common occurrence. So do not give them a target, keep your house sealed and do not provoke them.

Your Home is Your Fortress

That said it follows that it can stand to defend itself from possible break-in by burglars. Arm your house with intricate alarm systems to warn you and your neighbors of a burglary in progress. Also, equip your doors with alarms so thieves will have a hard time in just breaking in the door. Remember, the battle for your house begins in your very doors and windows. Potential burglars will go home disappointed if they find out how fortified your home is. Sherlock Holmes would also do the same to his house had these technologies been readily available to him in his time. It is always good that your home is actually ready when burglars come breaking in. With burglary running abound across the country, it pays to have your house fitted to defend itself from possible attacks. After all, your home is your fortress; defend it at all costs.

Take heed of these seemingly elementary tips, as they can go a long way when followed dutifully. Though we can’t take up Sherlock’s cloak and pipe to fight crime, we could most certainly use some of the lessons drawn from Sherlock’s stories to protect us from being victims of crime. These home improvement additions can very much help you on your quest in making a burglar free zone! It pays to have all necessary precautions to your home and privacy installed, so as to deter thieves from coming over. Also, do not sacrifice home aesthetics to home security. It should come hand in hand. Thus, choosing the proper home upgrades will help you a lot to secure your home and your family.

Remember, burglary is a crime that causes loss of billions of dollar worth of property and has taken lives of many, so don’t be a part of that statistic, instead, break it through proper home improvement.

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