Hey look! A Silver Lining

Folks, our nation is in trouble that is a fore-gone conclusion now! However,  the only silver lining I can offer is now we know what is coming.  If history is any lesson and history is a professor with no remorse!

It was actually quite humorous when I was railed upon by stating  I would prefer it hit us fast rather than turning up the heat slowly because people thought it was a political statement as to whom I was going to vote for.  Well hell that wasn’t a surprise people! I posted quotes of wisdom from Thomas Jefferson weekly duh!!

Preparedness suffers no politics and sometimes it is better to have it smack you in the face rather than change by little degrees. When the temperature is turned up slowly it is sometimes unnoticeable referred to as the boiling the frog method and it will drain your resources slowly but ever so surely until you notice that your resources are being used up far to quickly and the replenishment of those resources are not as easy or fruitful as it was yesterday.

It is often said that a wound heals better when it is cut away versus being torn this is also true when referring to prepping. When you do not know what is coming it is human nature to hope for the best so through un-surety time you slowly dwindle your resources because you don’t know if you should ride it out with what you have or rush to get more.  This is the uncertainty that dwindle cache’s.

I don’t care who you voted for or who is in office it will not change the way I prepare for situations and neither should it effect you unless you believe as I do that there is a more immediate need for you to have your preps in order or maybe I should have used the word urgent for better or worse.  We know what is coming up the shaft, around the bend, down the road, whatever you choose to say the reality is that we now have been smacked in the face with what we have to deal with and prepare for. I am not saying this as an indictment of the current “leadership” because I think it would have happened no matter the name of the president. I believe they went to far not to cause severe damage to both the country and its citizens. I believe we are divided and broken and it will take a tremendous amount of pain staking measures to right this ship that is currently listing to the hard left mates and that’s not political, that is fact!

So now what???????

Those of you who have been preparing for the whatever in life are well ahead of the game and we shall keep on keeping on (that songs in your head now aint it?)  and for those who have just awakened WOW!!!

Those who are prepared keep up the good work there will always be fires, tornadoes, ice storms, hurricanes, land slides, power outages you know all those natural disasters that we have been hearing about in the news as of late. You think that just because the election is over that those will stop? Still think the government is capable of providing the assistance needed to set everybody back on their feet? Not a chance mate the populus is just to big and the governmental resources are just to small and that matey”s is another factoid you can bank on!

Those who have not even started then you have a lot of catching up to do and unfortunately this will be an expensive lesson, lets call it a stupid tax eh? I am not here to berate you but I am sure some of you thought it to be fashionable to be late or some event has happened that has opened some eyes and others will simply look at the situation and agree they should take responsibility for themselves and mean it right up until American idol theme song starts playing. Dare I say this might be the 47% of the populus that was spoken about recently? Nah, I probably shouldn’t, so we will move on.

To all the people out there I believe it is near 4 million Americans strong, all those preps you have been working towards is going to pay off. If you think its not going to be  bumpy ride then your sadly misguided. More and more people are being forced onto assistance programs and the droughts, ethanol production, world-wide demand for crops, the continued decline of the dollar, and everything else that is contributing to the recession. What recession you ask, well they haven’t announced it yet but they will and roll out QE 4  (cause the first three worked so well) I suspect.

Regardless of what the “leadership” does it should not detour you from your task at hand, think of it as your willingness not to participate in the “it’s a recession, it’s not a recession” game! Power outages, gas rationing, freezing temps, people who knew it was going to happen stunned because it happened to them we will not play your silly game!

Bravo and Bully to you Mates!!! Fly your flag proudly and steer your ship into the wind cause thar are rough seas ahead of us but with God’s grace and a few million like-minded souls we shall persevere and come out the other side after all that’s where the other side got its name. (now that songs in your head)


Good Sailing to ye mate’s we are the Pirates Republic, hold your course and God speed!!!


Salty Dawg

Evil thrives when good men do nothing!!

(and it looks like over 3 million of you did nothing!)

Shame on you America

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