Happy New Year YA’ll

The Winds Of Change are Upon US Matey’s and the burden of correcting this long overdue ship falls upon those whom have the courage to Stand United in the face of the LibTards. Self Sustainment and Preparedness are more necessary today than ever before.

I will not lay out a doom and gloom  and fear porn to try to manipulate you into action. Quite frankly I am not responsible for you or your family….you are! So have a great New Year Batten down the hatches me hardies cause we haven’t seen the storm yet but  anyone with a half ounce of brain power can see its coming.

Are you ready? just do all your prepper friends a favor, don’t come whining to them expecting them to take care of you because of whatever relationship you may have fostered. Be responsible for your own action or inactions and reap the consequences of either.


Pirate up Princess and OWN IT!


have a Jolly Good Day and as always


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