what is the perfect Firearm?

The Perfect Firearm

Firearms are an interesting animal in its own right and to try to tell you which one is perfect to carry or in any situation are tantamount to asking you how you want your haircut.  However let me always be clear on this I believe the best defense weapon you own is the one you have with you at the time you need it! With that being said Gun Ownership and usage is definitely an individual choice and can only be answered by you. We can go through some basics. Still using the who, what, where, when principle

Who is going to use it? Is it you or are you sharing this tool with someone else like a community Pistol that you leave in each vehicle ready for any driver to use?

What frame size and caliber should you use?

Well the frame size is or very well should be determined by the frame size of the individual.

What type should I use?


Where is the placement of the fire arm going to be?

Are you using this as a concealed carry or are you riding on a stage coach and need a scatter gun?

Are you going matrix on folks and need a black rifle?


Or is going to stay at home locked in the double secret location behind a double secret safe  because you are a bad parent and do not teach your children about the proper use of fire arms. (ooops sorry we entered pet peev zone for a bit).

When are you going to deploy this tool into action?

These are all questions that you and only you can answer for yourself. Quite frankly I wouldn’t want anybody else making such a personal decision for me whether it be a sales person who may know something about the product but still knows dick about me. Just like the salesman nor do I believe “Uncle” knows best for me.

I will do my own research on what is best for me and always suggest you do the same.

However, if I am ever asked the infamous question which firearm I think is perfect for self  or home defense………then my answer is simply “the one you have with you at the time you need it”!!!!



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