Grilled cheese sandwiches are one of those dishes that you are just hanging out and don’t really know what you want to eat but you do know you are hungry. You really don’t want a large meal because of one reason or another but you really are hungry and you know if you eat a large meal then your  dinner or lunch is crapped out. So what do you do?

I was recently hunting Hogs with some friends and we were not having the best of days hunting but the scenery was worth the lag in pork processing and so we went back to camp and sit around jaw jacking talking about this and that. when the subject of lunch was brought up there was a litany of responses and none of them sounded over the top so we bantered some more and then the glorious sound arose that sounded like Hey guys you want a grilled cheese sandwich? BAM! hell yes I want a grilled cheese sandwich. After the suggestion was public now the stories of the best grilled cheese sandwich folks ever had started. Now these weren’t one up stories told around a campfire were the first liar doesn’t have a chance. No Sir or Madam these were stories of history being told. These were not stories of a fabulous restaurant, Nay these were stories of childhood memories and memories carried throughout history to continue the legacies of the people who ignited the memory from the very beginning.

Grown men and women coming together and sharing stories about their childhoods and thus giving us direct insight as to who they truly were, because you cannot maintain a false face when you are waxing nostalgic about your grandma warming the butter up in her hands and spreading it on the bread and smiling at you and giving you a wink as put cuts an extra slice of cheese and gives it to only you her favorite grandson and then slicing an extra piece for her and saying don’t tell grandpa cause that old grumpy will want some as you both laugh while you hurry up and eat that chunk of cheese. Ahh, I digress and the story is probably boring you so I will get to the recipe.

Everyone knows how to make the infamous GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH in a pan but when you out in the field or nature there needs to be an alternative way of cooking this famed quick tied me over meal.

GRILLED CHEESE — Sandwiches can be made without a pan–use a buddy burner if you have one or wrap the prepared sandwich in foil and place just above the coals (cooks real fast). To make it a more complete meal add tomatoes, onions and cold cuts or any combination of your choice before cooking.

No it will taste like Grandma’s or Mom’s but admit it you want one now don’t you!

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