Good Day Sunshine Everything is Aces Baby Go Back to Sleep


Fantastic News Today!!!!!


New agencies have reported all around the globe that there was No one Murdered today!

No Was Stabbed, Shot, Beaten, Poisoned Thrown Away or Aborted.

There was No Religious Persecution! No Famine, Disease.

No Rapes, Robberies, Assaults, Thefts, Invasions, Intrusions.

There was No Lay offs, Tornado’s, Fires, floods, Earth Quakes, Ice Storms, Electrical Interruption, Chemical or Biological incidents.

No Government Over reach, All the Declarations of the Constitution were not usurped by tyrannical forces.

Politicians made decisions on behalf of there constituents not there own self motives.

There was absolutely No Global UN-rest today, soooooo,





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