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Firearms capability checklist


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This is an article we picked up on APN when they are not busy promoting the next best thing they sometimes they stay focused on preparedness issues and we grab a good article from them and this is one to keep firearms in perspective and a part of your preps.

Like the PCC, the Firearm Capability Checklist doesn’t dictate what guns you need to have, or what caliber or action type your firearms need to be. What it does is outline what it is that you need to be able to do with your firearms. We own guns for specific reasons, including the joy of shooting, defense, and putting meat on the table. Target and Practice: Need the ability to practice dry firing your main weapons (without ruining the firing pin) and a low cost solution for target practice.

Small Game Hunting: Capability to take small animals such as rabbits, squirrels, pheasants, ducks, geese, etc. Large Game Hunting: Capable of taking down deer, elk, bear, etc. Pest Elimination: Coyotes, gophers, snakes, etc.

Personal Defense: This is a weapon that you can carry on you at all times, during all tasks.  Typically, this is a handgun.

Perimeter Defense: The ability to lay down high volumes of fire to repel an attack; e.g., AR15s, AK47s, etc. A rifle that has a high-capacity magazine and has quick-acquisition sights (iron, red dot, holo, etc.).

Long Range Defense/Counter-Sniper Typically a large-bore rifle with a telescopic site.

Skills – Looking at the Firearm Capability Checklist, the skills needed for a given point is inferred. For example, if you’re going to have a weapon for counter-sniper operations, then you need to know how to run a counter-sniper operation. Given all the attention that is being put on military style weapons, this might be the time to look at other weapons, not only for potential availability, but also for maintaining OpSec.

If you need to run out of your house with a rifle, and chose your decked-out M4, people are definitely going to notice. With the public being more prepper aware than they used to, keeping a low-profile may be a better course to take. A “standard” looking rifle, such as a lever-action, is less likely to make people wonder if you’re one of them preppers. Plus, they’re a lot of fun to shoot, so don’t over look revolvers, lever-actions, pumps, and other non-military weapons.

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