Excuses, Excuses lets discuss the first 10 of 50

I was speaking to a group of people on the values of living a prepared life style and the typical questions we are asked by the attendees. I love informal speaking to groups and encourage people to ask questions as the arise because most people have the same questions that others do but sometimes feel the questions are to elementary to be asked.

I always use the phrase there are no stupid questions. I firmly believe this statement but It still surprises me on how reasonably smart people cannot grasp the idea of being prepared. This is not a new concept in fact generations of people have living a prepared life to some degree or another. Some prepare for the little emergencies and others for the end of the world neither is more correct than the other but the ones that confuse me are the ones who discount being prepared as the useless or inconsequential to their future.

In this same vein I was asked to comment on an article that was sent to me from the right side news website. The article was a tongue in cheek article about 50 excuse why not to prep. I read on the excuses and was amazed at how many of the excuse I have actually heard in the course of doing what we do here at The Pirates Republic.

I have broken down the 50 excuses into 5 different articles to shorten the article’s length and so I can add my particular style of comments to each one of the excuses you can read the entire article written by “American Dream” without my comments here. I hope this gives you a reason to smile but more importantly I wish it to give you a reason to think.

 ” The number of preppers in the United States today is steadily increasing, but the vast majority of people out there still see no reason to start getting ready for “the end of the world as we know it”. Most people just assume that things will always somehow get better or that they will somehow be immune to whatever calamities are heading our way. Most people always seem to have a “good excuse” for why they do not need to prepare.”

The following are the top 50 excuses for not prepping….

1. “The U.S. Economy Is The Greatest Economy On The Planet – There Is No Way That It Could Ever Collapse”.

although we enjoy the Greatest economy on this planet we are also laden with an administration that does not understand the concept of pay as you go or a more commonly understood concept of live within your means. This is an age-old concept that has been time-tested to be accurate. I always ask this question when confronted on the economy, ” what happens when you run out of money before you run out of month?

People often answer I use a credit card. That takes care of the immediate need but the reality is this only puts off the inevitable because The credit company requires you to pay it off or at the very least make a payment on the card. if you don’t pay off the debt in its entirety then the credit company charges an interest fee. This is very similar to the way the government does it except the credit company is an actual COUNTRY!

 Yes a foreign country owns our debt and we the Greatest nation on the planet pays them interest only payments. Interest only payments only does exactly what it says,  paying the interest charges only!!! This type of payment never touches the principle and thus we get charged interest on that amount again and again and again. A revolving debt from hell don’t you think?

 What ever happened to living within your means?  Living on credit is a dangerous proposition because you have heard the saying “eventually you have to play the band” and our government has borrowed so much in debt that if we were to pay it off we would be insolvent and declared bankrupt. Even with this in mind the Morons running the show continue to offer unfunded social programs and hand out money to other countries like it doesn’t matter.

The correct answer is to reduce your spending as we all have to but not these guys they believe the only answer is to print more money!! look up insanity in the dictionary, but I could go on for ever about this so I will leave you with this thought on the subject in the form of an example of Krispy Kreme and the LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts we all love them and they used to be something people would wait in line for because they were something special because they were limited in their supply and everyone wanted one thus creating a great demand for them. Admit it someone taking the time to wait the crowd out and bring Krispie Kreme’s to the office of gathering and they were the something special even re-heating those lovely glazed fat balls were special because not everyone could have the un-denied crown jewels of the Doughnut universe!!!

 Now a question for present day, If they were so fantastic (and they were) why did they have financial trouble and have to shut down several hundred of their stores??? Krispy Kreme did  not change their recipe or anything drastic like that they simply violated the simple laws of Supply and Demand. You used to only be able to get Krispy Kreme’s exclusively at their specific retail stores and limiting the availability (supply) thus  keeping demand high.

However, at present you can get them everywhere. Wal-Mart, gas stations, fund raisers, target, local grocery stores as well as national chain store everybody offers them decidedly cutting down the allure of something unique and special. The demand is still present however, being able to get these anywhere and everywhere and the supply is so great there really isn’t anything special about them anymore as when they were harder to get.

The US dollar is much like the Krispy Kreme doughnut it is always in demand and highly valued when it is harder to come by. The continual printing of the dollar is a tant amount to over supplying the market thus devaluing the dollar to be worth less and less every time that stenographic machine turns another turn.

 You and I are smart enough to see this and the elected morons can’t, whats their excuse???? In the interest of brevity I will leave this thought and move on to the next excuse.

2. “Once barack obama Wins The Election Everything Will Be Better”

Not a chance!! most “Re-Elected” officials are re-elected as a  referendum to the job they have performed in the past. with thinking he has the will of the people behind him can you imagine how fast this regime will erode the Greatest Nation ever formed and then for good measure apologize to his Muslim brothers for taking so long to do it. We have experienced this fools past choices and it is wrong in many ways, but that is yet another topic for another time.

3. “Once Mitt Romney Wins The Election Everything Will Be Better”

I can’t Promise this and I cannot stand to hold my nose again while voting but I have seen this current administration strive to destroy the foundations of this greatest Nation and don’t believe we can survive the siege much longer.

4. “When Things Get Really Bad The Government Will Take Care Of Us”

They simply are unable! Currently have over 49% of all americans under some sort of Government assistance while they rest of us are paying the bills. That i nearly half the poulation and this is simply unsustainable and has been proven so over and over again, but some folks are pretty thick-headed, just incredibly stupid or maybe a more sinister reason is at hand, this is not for me to say but I will say this with absolute certainty, you are the only one responsible for your well-being! If you take on the responsibility of others then your responsibilities are expanded to their well-being as well. I personally see this as an ordained covenant and should not be taken lightly.

5. “When Disaster Strikes I Will Just Steal From Everyone Else That Has Been Busy Preparing”

Boy, I have heard that one time and time again and the thing to keep in mind is that a family/person intelligent enough to Prepare is intelligent enough to provide for its safe keeping be it person or product.

6. “The Rapture Will Be At Any Moment So I Don’t Have To Worry About Prepping”

Until he comes and takes his people away he charges us with being good stewards and I believe taking the opportunity to be self-reliant is within my responsibility to my family. If you are reliant upon another then you are beholden to another. In other words you will be in debt and a servant to another and the Holy Bible has something to say to that.

7. “The Economy Has Always Recovered After Every Recession In The Past And This Time Will Be No Different”.

Time for another analogy if you stretch a rubber band enough times eventually it will lose its elasticity thus weakening its ability to hold firmly that in which you expect it to hold. Not unlike our economy if we stretch it time and time again eventually it will not rebound.

8. “The People That Are Running Things Are Very Highly Educated And They Know Exactly What They Are Doing”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Education does not equate to intelligence. Book smart is not street smart. If I were to expound on this subject it would be three pages long on just how Moronic the so-called educated leaders running the show demonstrate Insane behaviour on a daily basis.

9. “Wal-Mart Will Always Be There”

It is estimated by the very same government that you are counting on for your survival that there is only a 72 hour supply of goods for every american. That is 72 hours people and that is not saying that the family before you doesn’t take double their share not knowing how long the incident is going to last the Walmart store isn’t going to deny them as long as they can pay for it. Speaking of paying for it lets say that an incident does occur and it is a the back-end of you pay period and you are running low in your bank account and BOOM it happens, what then? At what point do you think you will actually realize that there will be no help …… at what point will you know it is too late??

10. “Our Politicians Are Watching Out For Our Best Interests”

Our politicians are weak-minded and self-serving like the ancient senators of Rome and much like those senators they are influenced by money and persuaded by the promise of power. Because we have moved away from the foundational beliefs that inspired our great nation. Politicians are to occupied being politically correct and catering to the special interest groups lining their pockets that they have forgotten the well-being of their constituents they swore to represent.

Fact is our politicians are interested in their own well-being, they have been corrupted and dishonored by their actions. I am sure there are a few that have risen above this quagmire of deceit and treachery but they are too few and I couldn’t stand the stench of wading through the sess pools to seek them out. It is after all their responsibility to rise above this goo not mine to exhaust them.

These have been harsh words coming from a normally flippant sailor but sometimes it serves to slap you with a dose of reality but alas for some people it is still left silent upon deaf ears.

I would like to know a magic word that wakes people up to something they refuse to see. What word would you use?

Salty Dawg

 Evil thrives when good men do nothing

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