Excuses, Excuses lets discuss 11 thru 20 of the top 50

This matey’s is the second installment of a series dealing with and article written by a writer called that writes under the title of American Dream over at the Right the right side news you can read the article in its entirety without my comments here. But really, what fun would that be?

The number of preppers in the United States today is steadily increasing, but the vast majority of people out there still see no reason to start getting ready for “the end of the world as we know it”. Most people just assume that things will always somehow get better or that they will somehow be immune to whatever calamities are heading our way. Most people always seem to have a “good excuse” for why they do not need to prepare.

The following are the top 50 excuses for not prepping….

(really just the 11 thru 20 as the title suggest)

11. “The 2012 Apocalypse Is Almost Here And We Are All Doomed Anyway – So Why Even Try?”

2012 is the end of the world eh? I think that is what they said about 1999 as well didn’t they? Well the aztecs got it wrong heck even a new version or rather shall I say an older version of the calendar has been discovered and has totally debunked the previous version and went on for 7000 years, but hey if you are dead set on the end of the world scenario then could you buy some really cool Prepper stuff so you can have a fire sale after the 21st and I could buy it at a really cut-rate discount.

 12. “Preppers Do Not Have A Positive Mental Attitude”

Preppers have a great mental attitude! They are solace in the fact that if something were to occur they have made preparations for they and their families to not be overcome by the panicked masses and can retreat to a relatively safe place with preparations in hand to moderate the scenario to a manageable event. From this base of operation they can regroup and put into action their plan.


13. “If An Economic Collapse Comes I Will Just Go On Welfare”

Really? If an economic collapse happens who will pay for the welfare programs? you tink the masses of people who for so many years have expected a free ride will suddenly grow a conscience and start to become tax payers? Not a chance!!


 14. “There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Prepare For”

True, but whats the harm in preparing for the things you can prepare for?

15. “Prepping Is Too Expensive”

Prepping can be expensive if you shop like a fool!!! There are inexpensive ways of prepping starting with simply allowing a certain amount within your budget for preps. Add a little more when you shop and set it aside for the future. i believe there is a greater question you should concern yourself with and it is this “how expensive will it be if an event happens and you are not prepared?” how expensive do you think that last can of beans will be? Too expensive indeed?

16. “We Are Not Like Other Countries – U.S. Cities Are Designed To Withstand Major Earthquakes”

Yes they are and even with that said, they still do occur don’t they! Look at the social disruption the LA quakes caused. How about the Hurricanes that revealed the weakness of a society that is dependant on the Government. How did that whole thing work out? let’s see the Government suspended the constitutional rights of its citizens by house to house warrantless searches and seizures. These people had tons of warnings and still they thought it would be okay because the government that had given them everything before the event would swoop in and save them. When that did not happen they resorted to looting for their own profit and gains.

These scum bags did not scavenge for food and items that would help them survive the collapse of the world as they knew it …nope they choose to steal furniture and big screen TV’s. I think we should have left them to eat the TV’s and exercised a culling of the herd so to speak. You think that the police will bve able to do anything for you?? Some of the wost offenders were the police both under cover police and police in full uniform. I suppose this thinking puts me in direct conflict with my charitable christian beliefs. 

1 our father and 3 hail Mary’s and I’m right as rain!

17. “I Need To Save Up For Retirement Instead”

Yes you should and isn’t that a form of being prepared? So the fact is you do believe in prepping it is just to what degree we are haggling over eh?

18. “The Stock Market Has Been Soaring So Why Worry?”

And it has falling again, but none the less it is nothing ore than zero’s and one’s in a computer simply erased by a push of a button, hacker, EMP or a simple human error can erase a lifetime of savings. If you wish to invest in the stock market then do so but remember that with large rewards comes with large risk. Some say risk big, win big. I say risk what you can lose. I believe in investing and yes I invest in the Stock market among other things  but if I lose in the market I have not lost everything.

19. “I Don’t Have Room To Store Anything”

Bull Crap!!! you have plenty of unused space try under your bed, closets, garage, attics, storage boxes and many other spaces that you will just have to look for them and when you have really run out of space you can think outside the box.

20. “Prepping Is For Crazy People”

Oh that’s just Crazy talk mate! We preppers believe those who do not take the responsibility for themselves and their families are crazy as loons but we still tolerate you.

So lets say We are the crazy ones. Who have we harmed in supplying ourselves and families with years of food we will not be taking away from the  resources of the populus. We will pass down skills and know how from generation to generation so if an event does happen they will be the crazy ones getting on with the business of living while you will be left with trying to explain to yours why you are left impotent with no skills and wondering why they are going to bed hungry and telling them stories of they way it used to be before that day.

So with my whirley bird hat in hand Good luck to ya mate I am glad I will not have to be the one that looks my family in the eye and explain about all the things I could have or should have done to make things tolerable. Oh I guess you could try to TAKE what you need from the Crazy Preppers down the street but that would require a certain skill set that they may or may not have prepared for. Wanna bet on whether they have Prepared for that as well or you just want to chance it?

Three cheers for the crazy’s Boogity, boogity, boogity or whatever the crazy people are supposed to say.

Salty Dawg

Evil thrives when good men do nothing

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