Excuses, Excuse let’s discuss 21 thru 30 of the Top 50 Excuses of why not to Prep

This matey’s is the third installment of a series dealing with and article written by a writer called that writes under the title of American Dream over at the Right the right side news you can read the article in its entirety without my comments here. But really, what fun would that be?


The number of preppers in the United States today is steadily increasing, but the vast majority of people out there still see no reason to start getting ready for “the end of the world as we know it”. Most people just assume that things will always somehow get better or that they will somehow be immune to whatever calamities are heading our way. Most people always seem to have a “good excuse” for why they do not need to prepare.

The following are the top 50 excuses for not prepping….

(But we will discuss 21 thru 30 this time)

21. “I Don’t Believe In Conspiracy Theories”

Whew! neither do I But I do listen to facts. If you are not a complete moron then there are plenty of facts out there to support reasons for people to prepare for an event that might disrupt the regularly scheduled programming you have become reliant on.

22. “All The Food I Store Is Going To Go Bad”

There is a saying Preppers live by and it goes like this so pay attention. “Store what eat and eat what you store!” Catchy or cool? not really but relevant to be sure. Keep rotating your inventory just like your grocery stores do. the newest goes to the back and you eat the oldest. If you store what you eat then you should have no problem eating thru your inventory. Common sense says if you don’t regularly eat smoked herrings then don’t store them. there are also freeze-dried foods that have a shelf life of 25 years. It’s good to have that form of food products as well as some of the items you would normally eat. We usually chuckle when ask this question because we actually eat the freeze-dried foods when camping or hiking and since that is a pretty common occurence the freeze-dried food portion of our inventory gets eaten quite often and hasn’t lasted the 25 year shelf life.

23. “I Would Rather Spend My Time Watching American Idol”

 You can’t fix stupid and you definitely get what you deserve mate!


24. “All The People Who Freaked Out About Y2K Look Really Foolish Now, Don’t They?”

Not to me they did what they thought was right. They didn’t go out and run up a bunch of debt nor did they turn to cannibalism. They did not go out and burn out there neighborhoods like L.A. They did not shoot at helicopters trying to provide rescue services. They didn’t loot and steal from people just because they felt it was owed to them. They prepared for what they were concerned about and some still prepare and others had a fire sale on the items they had and I personally picked up a bank load of bargains.

25. “I Don’t Want To Look Like Those Idiots On ‘Doomsday Preppers'”

Oh me either so I will have to agree with you mate. Those folks are the people who Nat Geo scours the fringes of the Prepper society to showcase on their program. It seems the more loony the better cause Sexy and Loony people gets ratings which equals money. again lets face it regular folks with common sense just don’t provide riveting T.V. so again I don’t want to be one of those people either.

26. “An EMP Attack Could Never Happen”

Well that’s a big bunch of hooey! EMP happens everyday they have not all been service disrupting. A fire cracker exploding gives off an EMP just not a big enough signature to be harmful. The sun is a big nuclear ball of fusion and it spits out energy all the time and if one of those energy pulses often called a solar flare or a coronal mass ejection. If one is big enough to make it through the ozone then it will have the potential to cause interference with electronic equipment by giving off an Electro Magnetic Pulse. So to say one could never happen is inaccurate. Having one make it through that is large enough to crater the grid is another thing all together. Now if you were to be more specific and ask if one could be set off by people who intend on releasing an EMP on purpose is more unlikely because it would have to be the by-product of a high altitude nuclear explosion in order to actually be effective. Is it possible? Yes.

27. “There Will Never Be A Nationwide Transportation Disruption In The United States”

Oh Goodie another head in the sand Bull Crap moment. One bus breaks down and all hell breaks loose cause grandma can’t get to the casino in time for the power play bingo round. Another example San Jose California is an electronic tram type of bus route transportation system as well as many other cities. A simple grid failure would cause such havoc people would freak out. Trains rely on Electronic switches to switch tracks. Mass transit buses, cars and traffic lights depend on it. Banks and so on rely on it. So this statement is absurd and it can happen.

28. “Instead Of Being So Paranoid, I Would Rather Just Enjoy Life”

I enjoy life  by enjoying the peace of mind of knowing should the unthinkable happen I have prepared with Product and deeds.


29. “If Society Falls Apart I Wouldn’t Want To Continue To Live Anyway”

Oh me too But the pending question is how do you want to live?

 30. “There Will Never Be Another World War”

You simply can’t say that after all that has been going on in the world. With that being said threats from a war on a foreign land is not what I would prepare for however, our own rights have been eroded by our own government and that has got me concerned. The first rule of a dictatorship is to disarm the populus so there will be little resistance from them. As i have said time and time again our politicians are by and large corrupt and self-serving from the top down!

Salty Dawg

Evil thrives when good men do nothing

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