Exclusive: GridEx II 2013: Simulations for Power and Control

I do not subscribe to fear mongering or hyper vigilance.  I think they are counter productive to the Preparedness lifestyle.

  With that being said I also believe you should look at what is going on and do you on research and come to own conclusions.

For the record I do not believe the power will go out and we will be thrown into a catastrophic mad max type scenarios, this weekend. However,  I am saying things are getting weird out there and if it does happen are you ready? Do you have a plan?

Not me, I am going to chase butterflies and believe in all that is good and wait for the Government to save me. Fa,  LA,  LA, LA, LA they have done such a good job thus far why should I worry?  Fa, LA, LA, LA, LA

In reality the article maybe to lengthy for short attention spans. Get your butterfly nets tra, LA, LA, LA.


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