Did I Remember to Pack My Razor?

I suppose everyone has spent their share of time wondering whether or not they are prepared for a disaster.  I have.  They may also wonder if they should feel silly if nothing happens?  Well the truth is,

Absolutely Not!!!!


I have always been concerned about the possibility of the loss of our civil society.  I would rejoice if I were wrong and I die an old man, having never seen a bit of trouble.  It would seem preposterous to imagine that anything could go wrong,  if government was always faithful to its promises of protection, and if there had never been an actual collapse of a mighty civilization in recent history, etc.   History tells us that no matter how powerful your nation is there are three primary indicators to watch for to determine if your country has the death rattle.

  1.    The decline of morality and loss of traditional values.

2.  The education of the children to believe that their parental generation is not trustworthy, allowing the educator class to introduce a novel ethical code.

3. The destruction of the financial system and massive borrowing to hide the crisis.


I recall a story about a feller named Noah.  This guy heard the voice of the Lord God in heaven and it told him to prepare.  Well he began right away…and it took him 130 years or so to get ready.  ( Note that some of the stuff that is in that Part of Genesis really is kind of a mini-prepper guide )  I also remember a story about a guy named Joseph who had a gift for interpreting dreams, and his interpretation of the Pharoah’s dream turned old Pharoah into a prepper.  I’ve been in all sorts of places in my life.  I’ve lived day to day and I’ve had years of plenty, but I sense lean years coming.

I am doing what any good squirrel does when he smells winter in the air…I am gathering my nuts…and hoping nobody realizes that I AM ONE!  Seriously though, I have never been overly paranoid and I am not now…but I am aware of the possibility of troubles.

So if something has happened before and we can see that historically the stage is set for it to happen again, we could be confronted by the old moniker that those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.  Unfortunately, I think that it doesn’t matter if you or I remember history…we are going to be dragged into this recycled mess, like it or not.  The only benefit that we might have is that we may be a wee bit more aware of what happened and where it came from.

Regardless of the source of our woes, there is one glaring fact that we must confront.  That fact is time.  Some of us may be old hat at this, some may have taken some time off from it, while others are new to the mentality of preparation.  Regardless of where we fall, we have to look back at Noah and realize that even with all of that time that he had, he still had a rough go of it.  I know that it isn’t pleasant to envision the worst, but it is even more unpleasant to be confronted by the fact that we could have spent 10 minutes putting jumper cables in our trunk and saved ourselves 3 hours of grief trying to find someone else who has them.

The truth is that there are many old sayings, once called common sense that sum it up.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  A rolling stone gathers no moss.  A word to the wise is sufficient.  Waste not want not.  Our Grandparents saw the barbaric nature of mankind, and many of them saw the consequences of famine, drought and a depression.  The fact is we are only being insulated from these consequences by a government that is mimicking 1930’s Germany by running the printing press non-stop. ( I also am hearing similar rhetoric regarding Israel and the Jewish people that I heard from the people who stood on trial at Nuremberg. )   This may last a while, but Keynesian economics will not last forever.  Quantitative Easing will not ease forever, and we are farther in debt than any other nation has ever been.  The USA is stretching that monetary elastic and when it snaps we are going to be stinging for a while.  Prepping seems like a reasonable and wise course of action.  I do not know if any of us could really ever prepare enough, but we must try.  The initial crisis’ may have been manufactured ( I think they were ) but the consequences of masterminds playing with the markets and the treasury are all too real.

God Bless America,

She’s all we’ve got!



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