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This is a nifty article and proposed theory presented in fact basis form from dave7 at the preparing with Dave site. I cannot confirm or rather have not taken the time to verify who Dave Olsen is but he has some pretty sound words and I will be reading his page more often. enjoy the article.

Could WWIII Coming Soon?

by Dave7



What is going on…?

Please know that I do not wish this to happen or desire you to feel scared. I am merely offering the facts around many movements by countries that are strong players in the world as we know it. The US president has recalled Apache Strike helicopters from National Guard bases and there is a continual attempt to remove the rightfully owned firearms from the citizens.

This is reminiscent of the actions of many rulers throughout history, prior to a world conflict. They did this because they became too powerful in the chairs they hold and forgot to love their country and citizens. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” Lord Acton

“Because of this power-fattening of people in leadership roles their entire lives, they act irrationally to protect themselves, and forget about the greater good of their country and it’s interests until it is too late to act rationally and peacefully. They are forced to take drastic actions that will destroy most of what they have gained, in order to secure any hope of an independent future for their citizens.” Preparing With Dave

These factors of irrational power-fattened leaders may not be the preliminaries to creating war, but they are common to actions taken prior to world-war breaking out. We look to the comments of the current president of the US to the Russian Ambassador to the US sometime back where he said, “There isn’t much I can do right now until after the election”. Do what? Do how much of what? Why would such a statement be made by a man in a seat of such immense power and influence?



China is seeking an island that holds great resources in a Japanese island chain. Artillery rounds were already fired onto the island some years back. No response was taken to assist the Japanese. China is an ever-growing country of high-population and a determining value set of growth and prosperity over all else. China has a vast fleet of highly technological ships that are missile ready. They are also maneuvering these ships around many US sponsored island nations. They are also building stronger military relations with Iran. See Here


Iran will have a nuclear weapon soon and gain a seat at the table of nuclear threat power. That put’s Israel at great risk, as there are only a couple of countries that would take offense to a nuke going off over their capital. Even the leader of the US at the present time has shown disdain for Israel and disrespected their leader on US soil, in the White House and in comments caught by the press. The leader of Israel has said they will strike before the nuclear weapon can be completed to be effective, with or without the approval and support of any other nation.

The nations of the world that dislike Israel sees this as that the US leader would not take action after a nuclear blast, and would merely call for pause and peace afterwards. Either way, Iran has made public statements that they will wipe Israel off the face of the map. What easier way to accomplish that than with a large thermal nuclear device, possibly flown in on a stolen airliner.

They have recently been shown to be hard to track and disappear somewhat easily. One could be flown through Islamic friendly countries and right over Israel in a coordinated ground and air attack. Pakistan has nuclear devices, but no missile capabilities. An airliner would be a perfect carrying tool and Pakistan is within the area the missing airliner could have landed.

A nuclear detonation over Israel would either stabilize the world in shock, or send it into an all-out war that would surely end in the most horrible of ways. I personally have no way of explaining all that could take place after such an event. I do though believe that a nuclear device is going to be detonated over some major city in the world in 2014.


Russia is China’s good friend and neighbor, and has been keeping good relations with Iran somewhat secretly. Russia is taking Ukraine little by little and flying it’s bombers near the California coast to test the US response. The same is being done with Russian ships and submarines. The US has threatened action against what Russia is doing in Ukraine. Most of what is being done is covert and has obviously been well planned and in the works for sometime. If you want more information on this, See Here.

This is similar in reverse to what happened in Russia when they were highly committed in Afghanistan and were financially ruined, as the US has somewhat become through it’s conflicts all over the Middle East and African nations, as well as all the expenditures to bases all over the globe. The financial strain of war has collapsed many great nations throughout history.

Within the US, many states are requesting succession from the union, as was seen in The Soviet Union many years back. This is not a joke, as America has never lost it’s passion for what it stands for in the hearts of it’s core citizens. Many suppressor actions of the government in the US are inflaming the fires of independence and freedom in the hearts of the population that is still of Core American Beliefs. This has happened before in many countries in history for thousands of years. Just because we have lots of technological toys, doesn’t mean that the heart of revolution dies out.

The US is extended as much as it has been in many years, and economically hanging on as the rest of the world is as well. The only thing that will save it are those of core beliefs. Those that have been lost to their overwhelming need for the government will be thrown into chaos with the smallest loss of money from such a source of dependence. Where the government in the US used to be it’s people governing through participation, it has become a separate entity that decries over it’s subjects, as if the queen had won the war after 200+ years of patience and pandering.

The changing world political environment…

Where the US and Great Britain had been large movers in the world prior to the bombing of Iraq, an entire shift in the overall thoughts of the world has taken place. That, coupled with an utter moron of diplomacy in the leadership role of the US, the entire playing field of the world’s political makeup has changed. The US and Great Britain were pretty much the major founders, financiers, and runners of the United Nations, but it is now a drama club of lunacy, with a lack of spine and action. Too much talk and not enough action.

The UN was intended to be a platform of all nations combining together to crush any nation or nations that rose up to pillage or rule by force, any other. The new action of cowardly people is the sanction. A political and starvation tool of people that don’t want to be seen as tyrants, but will slowly starve a nation by inhibiting certain goods and materials from entering a specific country.

This sad and ineffective action calls for a vote of the UN council to approve, as the UN has become some kind of world-wide decider on the policy of the world and the internal affairs of other nations. They even want to circumvent the US Constitution and ban US citizens from Keeping and Baring firearms. Lunacy! When this voting occurs, feet get stepped on, threats on membership occur to sway the vote, and even then, any one major seat holder can veto the decision.

With sanctions now being threatened and imposed against Russia, actions will be taken by them. Put yourself in their place. Think of a state or province in your country leaving the union. Or more than one, and your country being split up. Russia’s thought ever since that happened was on how to bring the family back together. Just as the reinstatement of Israel as a nation was in the workings for many hundreds of years by people and finally happen not very long ago, so has been the planning of Russia.

They are now merely doing it while the times are ripe with opportunity due to the lack of spine and leadership in the US and other nations that disagree with such actions. Like I said many paragraphs back, when leaders forget to act when the issues present themselves in warnings and wait until the problem is at hand, only drastic actions can be taken to stop it. Hence WWIII. Otherwise, just roll-over and go with the flow.

All nations have their own pride….

Most people do not know much about other cultures of the world by choice. Nor do they choose to learn about the feelings, values, or history of other nations like Russia and China. They just look at them as countries or economies. People are people wherever you go and they have just as much pride and heart in their country and it’s future as you do for your’s. Regardless of whether one agrees with those values or not, each country’s citizens are willing and mostly ready to fight for those beliefs.

My thoughts on the future…

Leadership is an active role, not a reactive role. This true leadership has been lacking for a long time in this world and has for the most part been replaced with pandering. Pandering is the worst form of leadership. Pandering is the most destructive form of leadership and being in any family, company, culture, and government. Be honest, lead by example, and take the blows that come from leading in reality.

A leader is not protecting or serving anyone by hiding the truth from them. The leader does not lead alone, They are merely a guide that is guided by and in their service to others. To hide the truth from one’s citizens and attempt to protect them from reality only weakens the whole. There are usually only a few that cannot handle and face the truth. When people are given the truth and reality, most will wish to help and serve in the efforts to correct any issue or fix any problem.


At this point, the tinder of war is exposed and the weather is warming up. Just a spark will set it ablaze. This could simply happen from an accidental misfiring of a missile or bumping of a submarine or ship. Perhaps a submarine goes missing, and accusations are made, leading to a small conflict that grows. Either way, the game of chicken has been started. What’s next, only time will tell. I would suggest that everyone pray for peace, but start training for war. It is inevitable at some point in the future of history unwritten.

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