Comunications – CB Radio 10 Codes and Slang Terms

CB Radio 10 Codes and Slang Terms



I get many requests for the complete CB “10” code, which is pretty silly. Over the years I have seen as many versions as there are channels, if not more. And no one would memorize all the codes or carry a copy of the full code with them to use (those without a life are exempt from this statement). Anyone who listens to the CB for any length of time will quickly realize that only 4 or 5 “10-code” numbers are ever used regularly, with a handful more maybe getting occasional use. The quickest way to get truckers, travelers, or base stations to ignore you on the radio is to whip out a bunch of 10 code numbers nobody knows or cares to use – but here is a list of one of the more common versions for those who feel the need to feel like an old timer and sound like an idiot. The COMMONLY USED 10 code numbers are marked in RED for those who wish to know what really gets used on the radio.

– Cap’n Swoop

CB Radio “10” Code
10-1 Receiving poorly.
10-2 Receiving well.
10-3 Stop transmitting.
10-4 OK, message received.
10-5 Relay message.
10-6 Busy, stand by.
10-7 Out of service, leaving air, not working.
10-8 In service, subject to call, working well.
10-9 Repeat message.
10-10 Transmission completed, standing by.
10-11 Talking too fast.
10-12 Visitors present.
10-13 Advise weather/road conditions.
10-16 Make pickup at __________.
10-17 Urgent business.
10-18 Anything for us?
10-19 Nothing for you, return to base.
10-20 Location; My location is __________.
10-21 Call by telephone.
10-22 Report in person to __________.
10-23 Stand by.
10-24 Completed last assignment.
10-25 Can you contact __________?
10-26 Disregard last information.
10-27 I am moving to channel __________.
10-28 Identify your station.
10-29 Time is up for contact.
10-30 Does not conform to FCC rules.
10-32 I will give you a radio check.
10-34 HELP NEEDED AT THIS STATION (rarely used)
10-35 Confidential information.
10-36 Time; Correct time is __________.
10-37 Wrecker needed at __________.
10-38 Ambulance needed at __________.
10-39 Your message delivered.
10-41 Please tune to channel __________.
10-42 Traffic accident at __________.
10-43 Traffic tieup at __________.
10-44 I have a message for __________.
10-45 All units within range please report.
10-46 Assist motorist.
10-50 Break channel.
10-55 Intoxicated driver (DWI).
10-60 What is next message number?
10-62 Unable to copy, use phone.
10-63 Network directed to __________.
10-64 Network is clear.
10-65 Awaiting your next message.
10-66 Cancel message.
10-67 All units comply.
10-68 Repeat message.
10-69 Message received.
10-70 Fire at __________.
10-71 Proceed with transmission in sequence.
10-73 Speed trap at __________.
10-74 Negative.
10-75 You are causing interference.
10-76 Enroute to
10-77 Negative contact.
10-81 Reserve hotel room for __________.
10-82 Reserve room for __________.
10-84 My telephone number is __________.
10-85 My address is __________.
10-88 Advise phone number of __________.
10-89 Radio repairman needed at __________.
10-90 I have TV interference.
10-91 Talk closer to mike.
10-92 Your transmitter is out of adjustment.
10-93 Check my frequency on this channel.
10-94 Please give me a long count.
10-95 Transmit dead carrier for 5 seconds.
10-97 Check test signal.
10-99 Mission completed, all units secure.
10-100 Restroom stop.
10-200 Police needed at __________.
Bear Police Car; Types:

  • Plain (COLOR) Wrapper= unmarked car
  • Full Blown Bear= State Police/ Highway Patrol
  • County Mountie= County Sheriff
  • Local Yokel/Baby Bear= City Police
  • ICC= Interstate Commerce Commission Police
  • Taking Pictures= unit running radar/laser
Fuzzbuster Radar Detector
Landline Telephone
Eyeball Meet In Person
Seat Cover Female
Beaver Female
73’s Best wishes.
88’s Love and kisses.
EXAMPLE OF “10-code” USE:“Break One-Nine….This’s Captain Swoop….anybody got the 10-36?”

      Translation: Captain Swoop is requesting a break into any conversations in progress on channel 19, so someone can tell him what time it is.


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