Cajun Beans and Rice

Now this is a recipe that could be cooked easily over a camp fire in your favorite dutch oven.  With just a few ingredients you can make a wonderful meal.



Canola oil


Green pepper



Red beans (2 pint)

Andouille sausage (about ¾ cup or so)

Cajun Seasoning



1. Prepare rice according to package directions.

2. Dice green pepper, onion and celery. Dice sausage. Heat oil in pan, and add garlic, green pepper, onion and celery. Add sausage and beans. Add Cajun seasoning.

3. Cook mixture on medium until rice is ready. Just before rice is ready, remove three-quarters of the bean mixture from pan and place in blender. Blend lightly. (or you can remove it and mash with a fork)  Then return mixture to pan. Stir. To serve, put rice on plate and top with beans. Sliced scallions are nice to add as well. Serve with fresh bread or corn bread.


Now that’s two of my every day dishes.  I have just invented a third. This one is a little different.

It’s sweet. So kids will like it.

 Here you go. (If anyone has ever heard of such a dish, please give me the proper name.)


Indian-Cuban Fusion Black Beans and Rice with Pulled Pork



Canola oil

Black beans (2 pints)

Pork (1 pint)

Mojo Marinade (1/2 cup)




Adobo sin pimienta



Yellow Rice

Mango Chutney


1. Cook rice according to package directions. Put a bit of oil in skillet. Dice onions (two or three medium onions). Cook until onions are translucent. Place half the onions in a separate pan.

 Add beans to this separate pan. Season beans with cumin, garlic, marjoram, adobo and paprika.

2. In original skillet, add pork and Mojo Marinade. Mix onions, pork and marinade. Cook beans and pork until warm—about as long as the yellow rice takes to cook.

3. Serve rice, beans and pork separately on a plate. (Some people like to mix up all the ingredients; others prefer to eat them separately.) Serve with mango chutney and freshly baked bread.

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