Burial tubes to Bury or not to Bury that is the question

Burial Tubes

There has been a question raging, well, maybe its more like a nagging since the french pukes discovered the word cache. The debate has never been settled and it is an epic battle of ideals between two camps.

Before I go any further for legal reasons I must say that I do not condone nor advocate the use of violence to solve any situation unless it is absolutely your last option! Now with that candy ass legal BS out-of-the-way we can move on.

What we are discussing today is the two sides of the same coin about whether to bury particular items so it shant be found by wolves and or authoritarians should they come a “Knock knock knocking on your door like the raven say nevermore,” oh crap I went all Poe on ya.

So to summarize the ideals of the two camps is something like this….ding, ding,ding……

In this corner you have the people who believe it is a good bet and exercise in wisdom to bury certain items so when the wolves and or the  others can’t easily confiscate them leaving you and your household defenseless against said wolves and others! We will refer to them as the “live to fight another day crowd” basically these folks believe in the live to fight another day theory.

And in this corner you have the people who believe  if someone comes a knocking they will be in violation of our sovereign right to keep and bare arms so if they want it then give it to them with both barrels a sort of Molon Labe (come and take them if you dare) kind of attitude we will call them the “i will not serve on my knees to any man crowd,” these folks hold true to the dead fingers philosophy.

This has been the topic of many heated debates and disputes but I can see virtue in either theory and in a given circumstance I could rationalise the deployment of either tactic. I will discuss the same scenario and each tactic and then you can decide or dispute, cuss or discuss!

Okay the scenario is this:

Out of the blue there is a knock at the door and you go answer it. At the door there are no less than 4 men in uniform (you pick the uniform at this point it doesn’t matter!) They are holding a folded paper with the words in bold across the top WARRANT and they exclaim that there has been declared an emergency by whom ever and they have been instructed to confiscate any thing that could be considered a weapon from the citizens for their own protection…..what do you do? this is the basis for the debate.

First lets look at the “live to fight another day” theory folks. It is their belief that they will have buried some cash, firearms, bullion, food, ammo or whatever they deem necessary in this scenario we are using firearms as the reason for the visit. So, these folks reluctantly give up a few “give away” items so as to appease the authorities and seemingly appear compliant to their request for confiscation. Then when it seems they have left your abode by the dark of the moon you happen to trip over a broom stick that just happen to be lying around in the pasture. The decision to bury now seems to have paid off unless later you are caught again with an unlawful weapon, then its gonna get hairy!

Every time I get into a discussion about the two theories I am always reminded of the saying of, “If you believe there is a need to bury your guns then surely it is the time you would need them the most.” This is the conflict of most I presume because it presents an argument of passive aggressiveness I go along to get along and then I still have something, not all is stripped of me and I can defend against wolves and the others. Sun-tzu in the art of war refers to this tactic quite clearly when presented with and over whelming force and your are out maneuvered in every way it is wise to retreat in order to devise a new plan and execution of that plan. So this theory has merit.

Something to note, that even if you are willingly or reluctantly comply with the unlawful request that is not the end. They will enter your residence and do a quick search. Just because I say it is a quick search does not imply it will not be thorough. They are trained to be thorough and swift as to “get in and get out” so you will not have time to exculpate the situation. This is known as overwhelming and confusing the enemy and it works. They will assure you that if there is any trouble just call them they will be the rule of law because as everyone knows that when seconds count the authorities are only minutes away!!

Second group using the same scenario but the dead finger crowd believe it is better to face the opposition with opposition. Now this is not going to go as smoothly as just giving in but it to has merit, because there are many who would choose to die fighting for a just cause in essence mastering their own destiny rather than to die slowly as servant at the behest of another. Unlike the previous theory were you will not be certain of your fate even if you comply with every request made of you this scenario’s conclusion is pretty obvious should it come to force against force.

No less than FOUR intruders against a lawful citizen is not great odds for the citizen. Not unlike the Greek King Leonidas I reportedly responding to the Persian army when they to request the Greek Spartans to surrender their weapons. MOLON LABE is more than a story to this camp it is a way of life and they are as equally passionate about this carefully thought out theory. To truly hold this belief like the Spartans is as noble as theory offered by Sun-tzu. Now maybe you can see why these two camps are so passionate about their beliefs regarding this matter.

The way I see it is the goals of the two camps are really the same.  It is the means in which the goal is achieved is the difference. In fact both are saying the same thing. Both of these camps are willing to fight for there right under the constitution,  just one is willing to do it immediately and at any cost while the other is willing to gamble that they will be allowed to have the chance to fight another day but if given that chance fight they will without a doubt also consider this lets say after the first four or five are accosted by the wolves or others then maybe number six will say no at the very begging and switch sides cause they may realize it aint getting better.


So there is wisdom in both camps and it spells out…. oh wait a minute there is another thing these two mindsets have in common and it is that they both despise  the third group of people. These are the folks that talk that good game of the dead fingers mantra and when push come to shove they willingly give up everything they had for the pretend promise of safety without a protest and to boot they would probably tell them about your stash as well! Those folks are despicable in my opinion because no matter which camp you side with you still are willing to make a choice and stand by your choice regardless the outcome.

These pathetic ass hats are the fair weather sheeple that is referred to in the preparedness communities and you know who they are. In my ever so humble opinion I think those folks deserve to get eaten by the wolves, lets call that natural selection.

So no matter which side you are on or leaning towards now is the time to decide because it seems there is something a foot within the globalist community involving the American citizenry’s sovereign right to keep and bare arms protected by the Constitution of the United States of America . Apparently there are duly elected officials willing to give control of the adjudication of our rights to the UN and other foreign entities. So the Molon Labe crowd its pretty self-explanatory what you need to prepare for regarding our given scenario.

As for the “live to fight another day” crowd I will be writing an article on burial tubes with some tips and tricks about how to cheaply make a burial tube and some precautions you may want to adhere to. As always, I do not profess to be an expert only experienced. I have had a lot of request for the tubes so we will make a few and see how it goes….ooops.


Salty Dawg

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