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Bug Out Vehicle



I absolutely believe everyone should have a Bug Out Vehicle (BOV). However, not everyone will agree on the vehicle nor will they agree on the method of procurement. I believe many of the masses would like to have one but just simply lack the direction to start. Here is my method of kicking my own ass in starting a project.


I first start with a strategy of needs and wants or “who, what, when and how” if you will.

I first made the decision to develop a new bug out vehicle when I accessed the need for one. I have a Bug Out Vehicle of my own and it is quite well equipped with most everything for a quick retreat or a rapid advance whatever the need calls for. I got it because it was what I needed at the time and it met all the requirements I had for a vehicle both job related and personal. One fateful day my lovely bride borrowed my truck AKA (affectionately known as) “Beast” while her Lexus AKA “Lexy” was in the shop for the day. She dropped me off and the sun was a shinning. Simple, she drops me off at work and picks me up then we go get her car from the shop everything simple and easy …..RIGHT? May I introduce you to “Murphy” he’s the one with a law. Just one law but it a very effective law.


Near the end of the day the sky gets suddenly black and green! Fortunately, as a lifer in this state we were taught as children learn to keep a weather eye out on the horizon. Black and Green in the sky equal bad news for someone. So I called my lovely bride on the cell phone and explained we will maintain this connection until things settle down. We established if we get disconnected who would re-establish communication. As a side note, it’s important to know when something happens out of the ordinary, one of the first thing people do is reach out. This could be physically or through technology i.e. cell phones, land lines, internet. It has become human nature at this point. Thus, bombarding the communication band widths so once you establish communications maintain this connection even if you don’t speak just set the phone down if you have to then come back to it.


A cold front met the moist warming spring winds from the south right over my fair city. Those who watch the weather already know a tornado is approaching. I watch the tornado touch down from my company’s front door. This in and of itself is not unusual as I have done this several times throughout my lifetime, however, what happened next is something every husband and father seldom thinks about. The solar powered radio we were listening to announced the projected path of this relatively small F3 tornado. The rather panicked Weather man announced in 3 minutes the path would take the tornado directly through my daughter’s school and 7 minutes later it would hit my neighborhood where my truck was….I mean where my lovely bride was.


She prepared to take the tornado on by implementing the tornado drill practiced several times before. Seems the dogs were the only ill prepared mammals at this house! As for me I knew it was coming directly at her so we are talking through everything going through the freaking tornado is gonna hit our house check list. This kept her calm while the event unfolded, on the other hand I am listening to the radio announcer tell everyone how this F3 tornado just directly hit my daughters school and hear him jabber on about the amount of debris that this beast of nature had left behind knowing it has another destination that has immediate concern to me. I tell her to brace for impact and the tornado takes a slight right turn and spares her the brunt of a direct impact however, the debris field from our house to our daughter’s school was significant.


Once the immediate danger was over her attention turned to our daughter at the school the media was classifying as looking like a bomb went off. Any self respecting parent would want to “reach out” and physically get their children who you could expect would be scared. The same media that is describing the devastation as horrific was also telling people that emergency personnel are being delayed because of all the debris that was blocking the way. Well again, no self respecting parent will be stopped by debris so we head towards the school from two different directions her in my BOV truck and I in my company vehicle also a truck.


Since I work for the world’s leading communication company I was allowed access to roads most were not. I turned on my flashing lights “to access damage” while in route to my daughters school. However, the more important story is my beautiful bride her motherly instincts were in high gear! She was going to get to her baby come hell( which had already passed) or high water (which was rising due to the rains that accompanied the storms that brought this twister) and in this case the debris that the tornado had left behind. She had one thought on her mind and all of the aforementioned items as well as the police officer explaining she cannot proceed because of the debris in the road ….. Really???…..She adjusted the 4 wheel drive status of my truck and encouraged the diesel power plant and with very little hesitation she went forward crawling over, driving around and pushing it forward like a hot sexy soldier on a mission! The traffic Police exclaimed she would never make it……………she arrived at the school to pick up our daughter shortly thereafter. I arrived at roughly the same time the flashing lights made for a cool escort for my two ladies out of the debris field. We made it out of the immediate area, with all secure my two lovely ladies went towards the house and I had to continue the damage assessments for the company.


She had to travel roads that still had massive amounts of fallen and still falling debris on her trek home. They made it safely but it left us with the question of “what if”. What if she would have been in her car? What if I would have been stranded? What if she would have been stranded? What if they would have been stranded? You get the point. Although I have a Bug Out Vehicle and it would work in most situations, in this case it worked but I thought of several situations it would not serve both of us. I recognized a need for a secondary bug out vehicle. And a new Bug Out Vehicle project has emerged, yippee!


That’s how projects get started at The PiratesRepublic!

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