Beef “Unstir-fry” with Homemade Asian Noodles

Beef “Unstir-fry” with Homemade Asian Noodles

10 Mar Beef Stir-fry with Homemade Asian Noodles (32)

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I’ve been bugged for how expensive Asian noodles are to buy at the grocery store and making them with my pasta maker is too much effort for a stir-fry dinner {which we like to have pretty often, helping to use up those carrots, celery and onions and whatever else is left in the fridge}.  So I was excited to find this much simpler “skillet-based” Asian noodle recipe, which turns out to be a lot like making crepes.

I tried it here as a full-on food storage meal out of curiosity to see if stir-fry was even a palatable possibility minus the fresh vegetables.  While the vegetables were missed, the flavor was still good and we liked the noodles.  While I won’t repeat the stir fry idea, the noodles themselves are keepers.

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