Be Ye Prepared

Be Ye Prepared


I found myself reading a blog I often frequent when perusing the internet. This particular blog was titled “Are you prepared against organized evil?” This blog primarily spoke about organized street gangs and focused mainly on the MS-13 gangs of America and Central America. While I really loved reading her blogs and she was right on the money as usual but I found myself scratching my head when I read the comments posted by readers of this article. One stated “because of past events he would take swift lethal action against the perpetrator”. An ex big city cop stated “these gang members are not human”! A self described former liberal says “he is applying for a Conceal carry permit and training with firearms”. And yet another brings up that he and his family are “far removed from this type of situation” going on to talk about how they warn their friends and families that do live in the areas, the gangs are a real threat and the response was “they are not in my area” which I find ironic because he lead his post with a similar statement.


I agree mostly with the author in being prepared is just that, being prepared, for all types of situations. The entire article was well put together and made for an interesting read although, I personally don’t see the MS-13 thugs hanging around my neighborhood selling dope or running whores but I am not so naïve to say for certain they are not there in the city that I work in or commute through.

I am extremely glad to see people of like minds reading this post as information/Intel is part of the preparedness process; however, with knowledge comes responsibility and so the hard work begins. The question, what do I do with this knowledge? The Author chose to teach or share the knowledge with the readers. Your job is to pass on this knowledge through the written and spoken word as well as through examples of practice. I would suggest to the person who claims swift possible lethal actions to concentrate on the operative word “Possible” because if you have never been faced with a “lethal force” situation then truly you do not know. You should practice these situations not only at the gun range firing rounds through your favorite firearm but mentally go through scenarios, in your car, in your house, in your office. Go through scenarios that involve your family and exercise these scenarios with your family members as well as others in the unprepared world because with a Concealed weapons permit you also except responsibility to those aforementioned morons.


 The ex- big city copper stated that these gang members “are not human” I absolutely agree! I also would submit to you that you should not view them as such. You need, through the scenario process, handle these scenarios as if handling them in real life. The military trains relentlessly on any given scenarios. Sports team practice over and over again because you will play like you practice. It is a difficult decision to take the life of another human being, but as we previously discussed these are not human so you must treat them as if they were rabid dogs with no remorse or concern for you or your loved ones. You must be absolute in your resolve when dealing with them. Many train to retreat, some train to wound only to aid their retreat, few train to end the conflict with immediate absolution.


WE have established that the gang members are ruthless in their actions and have absolutely no regard for your life or the lives of your loved ones, I am certain you have no doubt that should you be confronted by them if given enough time you would act. The training process is to train you on how to conduct yourself when not given enough time. What would you do if they were robbing, beating, raping or killing someone else and you just happened to have your personal carry weapon on you at the time? What would you do if these gang members kick in your door to perform a home invasion, what would you do if they car jacked you? What would you do if they had you wife, husband, daughter or son? These are relatively easy questions to answer but tougher to put into action. Let’s say you practice or “drill” over and over again. Your friends and family will call you crazy and that’s okay because I would rather be called crazy than be called by an officer telling me news I don’t want to hear.


The fellow that isn’t faced with this situation as of yet and is well trained for this type of incursion for the safety of his wife and children and of course his country I say amen brother Living the country life is cool if that’s what you can do but, think of this, we all interact with the “city dwellers” through work or community and it is our charge to teach and practice with those whom are not as fortunate as we the “Country folk” because I too am well trained, trained well and also prepared however, It is said the MS 13 make up over 100000 strong and that is only one gang there are plenty more maybe not so reprehensible but, none the less a gang maybe looking to make their bones on you or some other innocent just meandering by the soda shop.

I would presume when the shit hits the fan that number will increase and as it is also said they are gonna come looking for the items they are lacking, even if they have to go through you and me to get it. I did an inventory and even if I had well placed shots I don’t have 100000 rounds. I believe you intent is pure in your statement and I am no Dr. Phil but ,I find many that I teach often make statements similar to those you have made perhaps because it makes them to feel stronger or they think this will envoke support from others or perhaps it allows them to ease into the reality of the situations of whicj they speak.

I applaud the authors task of teaching the masses and will continue to read her columns with enthusiasm. I would however like to add something to all that read. It is something to read an article and agree with it and yet it is quite a different matter to read an article and act upon it.


In parting I would like to leave you with this reminder, you are not alone and Life is no more than a series of consequences that could be shifted by the actions of one individual that could inspire many to unite over one common goal and that person could be you.


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