Assets to your Inventory Article 2

Developing “The List”



When developing our first list I took command! With a full head of steam I used the Black and White methodology taught so proficiently by uncle. The bulk of the list consisted of everyone I knew. Then it culminated down to a shorter list, which narrowed down to anybody who didn’t think I was crazy or I liked. More to the point in my case everybody I could stand to be around for more than an hour.


 This wasn’t a popularity contest but rather a list of assets I believed would help my collective or core group. I have always taught that in every endeavor there are two question you should always be able to answer the First “What are you willing to do to achieve the stated objective” the second “What are you willing to give up to achieve the stated objective” both are equally important and should be considered with great consideration.


However, with that being said this apparently was not all about me and the fact I was making a list at all had really stirred up a lot of emotions when I ask my beautiful bride who could she turn away if they came knocking? The Answer from the onset was “I can’t turn away anyone away”, so instead of storing food for ten thousand of our closest friends we had to narrow down the approach vector by using the who, what, why, when, where and how principle. Nobody wants to be callused or have a hard heart about this but, I also understand that I can only do so much and my first responsibility is to my family (the Core) then I will reach out.


Think of it this way picture a target with the center or the core representing family, the next rings outward are represented in this order, like minded friends, neighbors, neighborhood or community, town or city, parish or county, state, region then the country. The government should be doing their job by using an inverse order. If they are not then this method is still valid and practical because the enemy will have to go through that line of defense in order to get to you unless you subscribe to the belief that the government is the enemy, but, we will hold that topic back for a later discussion if you wish, for now we must focus.


I decided that there may be to much color for the old Black and White thinking Salty Dawg! My lovely Bride would be affected by this list as much as I would be and she is far more likely to introduce shades of grey into the mix than I would so we collaborated. As with everything we do Preparedness or otherwise our philosophy we try to live by is “We must agree or it doesn’t occur” or “When in doubt don’t”.


Agreeing this is an important part of the Preparedness process, we set out to make “The List”. We started by listing people we thought shared our mind set and loosely our religious and political beliefs. They didn’t need to be exactly in line with ours but when the SHTF I don’t want to have to defend my beliefs or be mired down with their guilt over them being wrong because you can’t fix stupid and that definitely isn’t the time for you to help them to have an epiphany. Once we had the names of people we knew and met the initial criteria we wrote down their occupations and their hobbies, if we didn’t know the answer we simply ask them. Sometimes we got the answers indirectly when we would talk about camping or survival shows. We would speak about articles we read or even just picked out headlines from the news sources and if they were passionate about it then they opened right up if not they would shy away or inquire about it if they were interested in more information. By asking their opinions on these subjects it allowed dialog between everyone.


A quick word of caution about asking questions, there is a fine line between inquiring and being nosey! Remember you don’t want to give away to much on your H.Q. all the while your task is to size up the potential assets of the prospective member of your community network. It’s a tricky thing and if anybody has a fool proof solution let me know! We found out several interesting things about the people we thought we knew and we shared facts about us that they may not have known. Although we were on a fact finding mission with specific objectives to achieve, we found a lot of interesting people out there. We never would have known any of them if we didn’t take the first step in simply asking questions.


Through the dialog process we encountered many ideas, and ideals of people. Some Ideals shared by us and others not so much. The process helped us narrow down the people similar to our mindset which, after all was the goal of the mission. Through the whole process we meet some pretty interesting people and some folks we wondered how they could remember how to breathe. All in all I would say it was a successful experiment in social networking.


To learn more on the process we used and some of the questions we ask please read the 3rd article in this series named “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

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