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Assets for your Inventory



Assets are often times recorded in actual physical items. You know 4000 cans of beans, 1800 pounds of rice and raw wheat, 40,000 rounds of ammo, 372 cases each of thin mints and tag-a-longs, various pallets of can goods, 1000 gallons of treated gasoline and diesel fuel, 720 cases of MRE’s, medical supplies and 500 gallons potable water, don’t forget the semi load of toilet paper. Yep I’d say the simple staples of your basic inventory. Often times when we speak to about preparation we are adamant about storing supplies, after all we are teaching the importance of being prepared and keeping a well stocked store house and a running accurate record is arguably important!


However, in this article we are going to focus on people A.K.A. everyday humans, bipeds, two-leggers, homo genus, peeps, our beer drinking buddies, face book pals, friends, neighbors and relatives. I challenge you to look at all of these as potential assets for your inventory. Not the people we wave at on the street as we share our daily commute. Not even the ones holding up signs at intersections we hardly notice at all, except the ones with “messpelled” signs or really clever gimmicks.


 Rather there are those who are out there doing the fundamental research and applying in practice what they have learn in an attempt to prepare themselves and their families for anything that may present itself to them. Anything can mean simply insulating themselves from the spikes in the markets both grocery and Wall Street to all out SHTF. We call them “like minded people”. Then, there are the fortunate few we hold closer to our hearts. The fact we hold them closer to our hearts should tell us something about them however, just because we like them does not make them automatic members of our inventory so for now we will put them on the prospective inventory list.


The prospective list is the point we are going to start with then from there we are going to make a shorter more condensed list. Let me pause here to remind you of something, “Loose lips sink ships”, “What they don’t know won’t hurt them”, “Mind you own business”, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” these are all wise sayings that have stood the test of time so you should choose wisely the people you are about to share your information with. You should expect they are just as apprehensive to divulge their information to you as you would be to them! It is also unreasonable to expect them to just give over the information without you sharing a little intelligence of you own. You can’t force them to talk.


I guess you could try water boarding and as fun as that sounds it may be a bit drastic so we suggest just being careful when asking questions and likewise when dishing out your information. Common sense would prevail at this point and if you don’t have any then shut up and don’t ask questions.


Keep in mind this is not a competition!! The stated goal of this mission (should you choose to accept it) is to seek out and identify like minded people that you feel can be relied on and come together under certain circumstances to pool your resources to survive any and all situations you may be presented to you. You are not recruiting for world domination partners unless that is your thing. Although the Pirates Republic specializes in Madness and Mayhem we suggest you don’t have to give away all our pertinent information just to make a buddy! Chances are you already know family members, “friends” or acquaintances that think you’re a loon and think everything preparedness is crazy. Those are the people you can probably count off the list rather quickly but, of course if “SHTF” then they will be some of the first to be knocking at your door wanting you to take care of them.


Your list is your choice but as for me this is what the list is for and if you aren’t on the list then I suppose you have an obstacle to overcome and how you prepare yourself to overcome this obstacle it is entirely another article indeed.

We believe your inventory should not only be limited to physical items. It is important to storehouse food, water and other necessities you feel you will need and in the quantities you feel you need for you and your family to survive. Your inventory list should not be limited to these items only.


 As stated the challenge is for you to look at your surroundings and the people you interact with. Note their assets and make these items part of your potential inventory list. At the very least you will know where those potential assets may be if needed, later you can barter for them. You may ask yourself why you need to make a list of people as assets and you may even try convincing yourself that you don’t need anyone. I am not suggesting you start searching for your new BFF rather I am suggesting that you casually seek other like minded people. You may be surprised at who may be a kindred spirit and where you may find them. A network of like minded people can be a benefit to anyone smart enough to use it. You are on a Global network now gathering knowledge, why not scale it down to a more local and personal level? I hope we have got you thinking out of the box and starting to look at the different possibilities of those around us offering us assets to our inventory.


You may have a fancy or really cool term for it but we call it networking. That’s how we roll in the Harbor.


This is continued in the next article Developing “The List”.


Salty Dawg

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