Another Cockroach exposed in the prepper community



I started looking at this Web site because people were sending me questions about the bull Crap they were spewing under the auspices of the good of the community.

Well The Pirates Republic calls at these pukes for fear mongering  and lies. Think that’s to harsh?  Think I should be kinder and gentler? Tough,  we do not advocate useless Crap being spewed out to the prepper community let alone prostituting your integrity out for profits sake, period!!!

This Web site along with many has some useful information but deems it necessary to prostitute them selves out to the highest paying fear mongering vermon they can. This is not helping the community, this is leaching off of it.

This email blast first talked about the useless need for solar,  I deleted it because it invited me to watch one of those horse Crap videos that suggest It should have been banned by the government.  I suppose to lend credentials to this otherwise Mondain pile of excrement.

Then they sent the follow up email suggesting that if you have solar panels it in someway will alert the “roving gang of marauding Hoards” which will target your house solely because of your solar panels,  but of course you can be saved by purchasing what ever generator they were hocking on the video….. And what does the website get for prostituting themselves out??

10 –  15% commissions? Is that enough to sell out our community?  What about the damage they cause to legitimate sites trying to help people prepare with useful information? Many people believe  It’s a’right because they getting paid,Playa!

I believe in capitalism! WE OFFER products related to Preparedness and use the products on a daily basis. For every product we offer we have turned down items 10 fold because it was Crap!!! Oh sure they offered high commissions and no cost advertising insuring a higher Google ranking but I will not prostitute our integrity. After all what kind of Pirates do you think us to be.

I do no propose that we are the model of efficiency and the ultimate authority in Preparedness but I can admit we do it out of genuine desire to help those whom seek the knowledge whether it is by our own experience or provided by another’s experience. So now that’s out of here way, let’s get on with my rant lack of rum makes me ranty !!

I call bull shit!!?

I do not believe solar energy is the end all be all of energy needs but I can argue the be nights of a back up energy source and I can argue why solar is a viable method and guess what I don’t sell a part nor price of solar tech but as a service to my community I do recommend it.

I also have facts to suggest pros and cons of each form of alternative energy prospects.  I don’t have a fancy fear mongering video that you must see before the government takes it of the Web.  I just have an intellectual argument that I can present free of charge simply for the asking.  If you need fear as a motivator then “BOO”!!!

Just like some of the other sites I am hopeful that they meant well I  the start and just through pitiful financial planning on their part they were for Ed into prostitution because they had to pay bills at least I would have more respect for them rather than just thinking they could make bank on a growing trend much like the Y2K whores.

So fellow Preparedness Pirates please be aware of the charlatans and those creatures of the night feeding on the unwary because it hurts us all in the end. We are a worldwide community and we should not stand for these fear mongering tactics to stain or tarnish our lifestyle or well being.  Because this is a rant and I used sailor talk in it I must send this over to Captain Morgan so if you see this at all it will be in a more “family friendly” version of calling out these pieces of city fried poop nuggets!!

Here is the email Salty flipped out about


Dear Survivalists,

Your solar panels may provide light, heat, and reduce your dependence on the grid… but is it really worth it?

When TSHTF, your solar panels will do little more than shine a spotlight on your home.

Vicious mobs will be roaming the streets…and guess whose house will they loot first?

Click below to get yourself off the grid without compromising your safety and security.

Remember, we’re all in this together!
‘Above Average’ Joe

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