A Valid responce to the Lone Wolf theory

This is a response written by AESOP was given to an article we reposted on our site which can read that article here both the original article and the response have merit so when you read them think about your situation and see what works best for you.Our official stance in the beginning was to take the Lone Wolf approach! Mainly because My skill sets were not compatible with most of the general public and didn’t seem to be a good match for most people because they were not mentally capable of wrapping their mind around the possibilities of what might happen and the aggressive approach that they may have to take to resolve the situation. So the natural course of action, do to trust issues and the lack of ability to stomach morons we decided to plan to survive on our own!

However, since I have integrated into society so much better now we have altered our survival plan to include other like-minded and trained Piratey types to increase our chances of surviving a bad situation so I personally can see the merits of both arguments and still believe in the philosophy of both strategies. The Pirates Republic still teach and advocate the Network mentality although I still believe some situations warrant the Lone Wolf approach for resolution. Decide for yourselves.


In Response to the article 8 pieces of advice for the Lone Wolf Theory written by Aesop who is in support of the Lone Wolf Strategy

Good advice, and yet…

Would-be assassins, or even the
successful ones, argue that shooting privates is a better long-term game than
shooting generals. Both will be replaced, but I’d rather have snipers who rack
up a company’s worth of privates over a few months than those who get one
brigadier, then get hosed.

Deception can leverage the disadvantage in
Get familiar with the story of Gideon in the Old
Testament ( the Bible and Sun Tzu are required reading for The Pirates Republic)
Carlos Hathcock (and doubtless others) used to try to position
shots so that the bullet would travel past an outcrop or structure, because the
differential sound echoes from them would play hell with pinpointing his
location by the shot, and thus give him time to displace for followup shots, or
simply exit the area. One needn’t set up an IED, but a simple relay trigger for
a couple of firecrackers or a loud blank from a different direction wouldn’t
seem to require a PhD in electrical engineering.

A Lone Wolf has to excel
at planning, and contingencies. It’s all about how to do it and every possible
what if, or it will be a short and exciting career for those operationally

One also oughtn’t feel shy about deciding that today isn’t a good
day to die, and simply declining an engagement when the odds are ridiculously

One has to be able to exploit serendipity. You may have planned A,
but along the way, an opportunity to do B presents itself. Like airplane
landings, any win you walk from is a success.

Choose tactics
It may be a fine thing to potshoot a squad in defile at the bottom
of a deep canyon they can’t attack out of. Right up until the first radio call
for CAS, when you become a pizza on a hilltop while they’re hiding behind rocks
and laughing.

Responses go in cycles.
If you’ve worked out a way to
disappear or blend in after taking action, and stay there for a few hours, it’s
likely life will have returned to normal, and an egress becomes much easier than
trying to be the guy sprinting to get outside a cordon 20 minutes after the bomb
blast/sniper shot.

Also overlooked is the opportunity to do things that
require neither shooting nor blowing things up.
Learn what things are pivotal
in importance, and learn how to monkeywrench them. Vehicles don’t go without
fuel. Blow off enough tires, and vehicle patrol degrade to foot patrols. Bombs
are easy if you have them, but wirecutters fit in your pocket, don’t get tracked
by the authorities, can be discarded and replaced almost at will, and are a lot
quieter. In fact, with anything electrical, adding wires where they don’t
belong, or removing wires from where they do can do far more damage than an
explosion, and usually isn’t detectable until after one is long

Think outside the box. You may not be able to come up with 100
pounds of AmFO or a Stinger missile. But if you get your hands on 100 pounds of
birdseed, and take out a million dollar aircraft with a birdstrike once a month
from spreading it out in the flight path of an airfield, you’re worth your
weight in gold. The same tricks works if you put animal food on convoy routes.
Deer take out more cars in some states than AQ does in SWAsia most years. And as
a rule, if a patrolling vehicle gets taken out by deer, they don’t usually
launch a task force or an air strike.

And remember that long roads, long
rail lines, and long electrical and pipe lines are impossible to guard
everywhere. Just weigh the consequences of their loss to all parties very
carefully before going there.

And while you have none of the strengths of
a group, you have none of their weaknesses either.
> You won’t be waiting
on someone.
> You won’t squeal on yourself.
> Your unit “footprint”
is just that – one set of footprints.
> Logistics for one are a lot easier
to plan, and provide, for one instead of 10 or 100.

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