A Responce to One Man having the courage to not be silent! By Laythar

I speak only for myself in this matter, but I cannot remain silent.

We’ve all heard people say ‘They can have my guns when they pry them from my cold, dead fingers’ –  and that’s exactly what will happen.  Your fruitless bravodo will only serve to reinforce the narrative that those with weapons are a threat to the safety of ordinary Americans; the fact that you ARE an ordinary American will not be mentioned in the media narrative that will accompany your demise.

I attended the Tea Party rallies; I listened as speakers told of how they would ensure that healthcare never passed, I said it would, but no one listened.  Once it passed they spoke about how the Supreme Court would find it unconstitutional and overturn it, I said they would not, and again no one listened. Now they are coming after your weapons, and make no mistake, they are going to seize them either voluntarily or by force.  You can campaign, you can lobby, you can blog, but nothing you do will stop them.

Politics is the game they let you play while they quietly go about constructing your cage.  While people argue Gay Marriage they quietly slip in things unseen, like Agenda 21 and Common Core.  While you argue the relevance of the Constitution they have sealed their control of the education system.  While you try to stop them encroaching on your 2nd Amendment Rights something is quietly sucking up all the ammo while DHS purchase Armored vehicles despite sequester.  While you bemoan the deficit they are busy buying votes with government largess.  In short, they are turning your flanks while you focus on the distractions.

You have to realize that you have already lost your country and now your freedoms hang by a thread, and that the conflict we are engaged in today is the same one our founders fought against over 225 years ago.  The two competing world philosophies are, and always have been, can a man can rule himself if he has the freedom to act in his own interest, or does a man have to be ruled by a governing elite because left to his own choices he won’t make good decisions?

Only by recognizing the underlying, fundamental principles upon which our country was founded can we hope to become the UNITED State of America.  Those principles were always Individual Freedom, Self-reliance and Personal Responsibility.  These were once the core principle that made us uniquely American.

We must all have the courage to let go of our desire to control the actions of those around us in order achieve the illusion of being safe and secure. It is natural to fear people and things which are different or strange to us, such things trigger our fight or flight reactions.  Since we cannot ‘fight’ in a civilized society our natural response is to seek control.  If we feel in control then it reduces our fear.

The behavior of a Deep-South, Beer Drinking, Deer Hunting, NASCAR Redneck would not make a West-Coast, Pot-Smoking, Vegan, PETA Hippy happy, and the behavior of a West-Coast Hippy would not make a Deep-South Redneck happy.  Rather than each trying to enforce their definition of happiness on the other using the power of government we must have the courage to come together to insure that every person is given the maximum freedom possible to pursue their own idea of happiness or wholesale slaughter is the path we will go down here in America.

The Constitution, and the rights enshrined with it, are not “outdated concepts” and they never will be “outdated” or “obsolete”, because they are the ultimate expression of respect between individuals.

When our forefathers first rose up to claim for themselves the birthright of self governance, it was done with the ‘Shot Heard Round the World’, but the event that triggered that shot  was because the British Army moved to seize the arms and munitions stored by the colonial militias at Lexington and Concord. The colonist did not decide after confiscation began that maybe they should have a militia to protect themselves and their rights.

At that time Militias were an integral part of colonial life serving in a number of critical areas, they were all volunteers, and in times of danger or disaster it was the militia that responded.

Our founders bought us our freedoms with their blood, sweat, and sacrifice.  Each subsequent generation has been forced to mount a watch to guard those freedoms so dearly purchased; only now we find our ranks waning. Less and less Americans see a need to stand a watch, fewer and fewer wish to sacrifice so that others can be free.  Already our children reject the idea that weapons are the only means of protecting those freedoms, they are taught that weapons are dangerous and a threat to their safety and that only criminals and crazies want weapons.

The cage has already been built, and they’ve been clever in its construction.  It’s large enough and roomy enough with enough amenities that the majority of Americans are willing to remain inside its walls, but before they can slam the doors shut and take away those amenities they HAVE to disarm the American People, the last bastion of a free and armed citizenry in the world.  The elites know what Americans will soon learn, when all else has failed a citizen without the means to physically defend their rights is nothing more than a subject at the mercy of their rulers.

If the government reaches the point where it decides to take your weapons, who will stand with you to stop it should you decide you don’t want to give them up?  If the government decides to restrict your movements, who will stand with you to stop it if you don’t want your movements restricted?  If the government decides ‘to protect the earth’ by forcing you in to centralized green housing, who will stand with you to stop it if you do not wish to comply?  Most important of all, HOW COULD YOU STOP IT EVEN IF YOU WANTED?

The political ruling class in America of both sides have done all they can to denigrate the forbidden idea and word – Militia.  They have attached such a negative image to the concept that most people recoil in horror at the mere thought of a Militia. So ask yourself, why?  Why has so much news time been spent over the years to insure such a negative image is associated in your mind with the word Militia?  Militias in America are a joke, a miniscule fraction of the population playing toy soldier.  Why then has so much time and effort been spent on such an inconsequencal segment of the population?  Could it have been done to prevent you from taking any action to self-organize in to something that might give you recourse to political acts of tyranny?

Of course the modern Militia Movement has played in to their hands in this matter by reaching out to media in an effort to explain themselves only to be painted by News Organizations and Government as dangerous nut jobs.

However, in ancient times, when mapmakers wanted to keep people out of an area they would write ‘Here there be Monsters’ in that area so people would not dare to venture in to that area of the map.  This is exactly what media has done to the political landscape when it comes to Militias.  They have written “Here there be Monsters” on the idea of a Civilian Controlled Militia.  Governments and those who support big government abhor sharing power.

An organization dedicated to teaching and preserving freedom, controlled by the people and not by the government, is exactly what the American people must have if we are to have any hope of remaining free.  While there are many fine individuals within government, Government itself appears to be heading down a path that will ultimately require it to take extreme action against law abiding individuals whose only wish is to left alone and to live free.  It may already be too late to turn aside from the path government is on without someone resorting to bloodshed and chaos.  In times of chaos it is not the morally correct that wins it is the most organized regardless of their moral compass.

In 2008 while on a campaign stop in Colorado then Senator Obama first purposed the idea for an organization like I suggest when he said:

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Now I’m sure that then Senator Obama intended for that organization to be under the control of the government, however a few of us feel it would be better if this organization maintained its independence from any form of government control.  The organization should obey all laws of the land and should comply with Law Enforcement in all cases except when such compliance would be a violation of the U.S. Constitution.  Since the government has no intention of violating the U.S. Constitution this position shouldn’t be an issue.

We must organize ourselves now, before it isn’t possible to organize.  We must communicate now, before it isn’t possible to communicate.  Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty or give me Death!” because he understood the human-shame that all slavery is voluntary and freedom is too scarce a thing to just let someone take it.  I will stand up even if it means my demise, I am already working to convince others that it is time to organize ourselves and pray we never have to act.

I never thought it could come to this in my country, but I am afraid it has.  We must create our organization and we must be prepared to act.  However. let me be clear – it is not yet time to act!  The few of us who have already come together are not and will not tolerate any move toward rebellion or sedition.  As long as Americans have free and open elections, as long as Americans still have their constitutional rights, privileges and protections and as long as they have  the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, there is no need for such action as the path to freedom is still open, but should those paths become blocked, what will you do?

You can contact me for private discussion though my profile, but I for one am already standing and may God guide us to a path where standing is all that is nevcessary to remain free.


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