8 reasons why everyone should start a backyard garden

8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Start a Backyard


There are many reasons to start a backyard garden, I personally fond these 8 reasons to be the most important ones. I grow myself and I encourage everyone to do the same. So here are 8 reasons to grow food in a backyard garden.


1)      As we here all the talk about GMO Food and Seeds, we often wonder what we can do to protect ourselves from poison food and pesticides. Well the answer is to think about starting your own backyard garden to ensure your food safety for your family. If you think it cost a lot of money to have all the supplies and materials needed to do so, think again. With rising food prices and the actual cost of Organic Non GMO food, you can see how your grocery bill can add up. You can start simple and utilize flower beds or even build raised beds for relatively cheap. Using reclaimed material and being creative you can accomplish spaces for growing food. Creating your own compost and choosing your own organic soils and growing aids will give you choice in how you grow your own food. So the number one reason to start a backyard garden would be to ensure SAFE food for your family.

2)      The second most reason to grow your own food is to take the power away from Globalist companies that do not have your health in mind. Companies profit off of dead seeds and dead food to keep people buying more. They then sell pesticides which after time integrate into the food supply and poison us. This has already been proven to be the case. It is a horrible cycle of deceit of the people to profit and control the population. So having a backyard garden takes the power back for the people to supply their own fresh Non Contaminated food. If everyone had some sort of backyard garden in America, think of the billions that we could keep out of the hands of corrupt people and companies.

3)      Keeping small farms and community gardens alive is another great reason for growing your own food. To be able to join in a communal effort to provide good local food for the community, and share ideas and methods with each other. Between a whole community of local growers sharing and learning, everyone should have plenty of food and supplies. Bartering amongst ourselves leaves out big Agra Business and their tainted seeds, and profit for death mentality. In growing our own food, we are being self-sufficient from their system and we take back control of our lives.

4)      Getting back to our roots and way of thinking that we as humans can be self-reliant amongst nature. It is our right to be able to grow our own food and survive as a species happily without indoctrination from corporations trying to control our food. No one group or person should have any right to claim ownership over food practices and how we a people need to feed ourselves and thrive. Putting our hands back in the soil is a great way to connect with our roots, the reward of seeing the fruits of your labor and tasting the fresh food is a wonderful experience.

5)      Think about how much money you could save by just growing what you normally buy at the super market, and think now how much more of it you could grow yourself. The yield of your crops would drastically increase your supply for pennies on the dollar. With all the extras you could then can or dry, even preserve your food and have a long lasting supply further saving you money in the future.

6)      Being Food Self –Sufficient is a very important reason to grow as much as your own food as you can. Having the knowledge of having your own food supply if grocery stores were to close or get so expensive the rich could only afford to eat, I know that sounds drastic but who knows what this unstable future has in store for us. It would be better to know you and your family has food in any event economically. Not depending on outside sources for our food is just wise to do.

7)      Seed Banking is a major part in growing our own food. Having an abundant supply of renewable seeds for food source is very important to the future of your food safety. Storing and saving seeds will ensure that you can keep growing in hard times.

8)      Having a backyard garden can often be the greatest way to interact in the community and get to know your neighbors. If more people had gardens growing, it would seem that exchanging tips and knowledge to one another, and food sharing would be a great way for people to meet. In this selfish world neighbors often forget that there are other people around them as we busy ourselves with everyday life. Everyone should feel comfortable in their neighborhoods and be able to freely interact with each other in a positive fashion. Gardening can be used as a tool to encourage relationships in a community and therefore create sense of well-being and positive energy within it.

So you can ponder the many reasons why backyard gardening and growing your own food could be rewarding. It is safer food, cost effective, personally rewarding, community building experience for all to enjoy. Stay strong Stay fed.

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