MENTALLY ILL AMERICA: Demand 9 of The 10 delusional demands of political correctness

MENTALLY ILL AMERICA: Demand 9 of The 10 delusional demands of political correctness

Political correctness

Political correctness means that if you are looking at red barn and 100 of your peers ridicule you while saying it’s a BLUE barn, you must nod your head in agreement and surrender, “Yes, it’s blue.” Even when it’s actually red. Political correctness is, essentially, a war on logic and reason. 2+2=5, Winston!

This process now dominates modern society  and is proof that our world is run by hoards of mentally ill obedient sheeple are more than happy to go along with the shared delusions that stem from such mental illness.

The 9th delusional demand of political correctness



Demand #9) It is demanded that you disregard the fact that Islamic terrorists who carry out mass murder on U.S. soil deliberately praise Allah (while the White House tries to censor the 911 phone calls to make sure you never hear those words). You must consider such acts to be “domestic terrorism,” not acts of terror inspired by a radicalized religion that preaches hatred for gays and women.

Somehow, to fit into the P.C. culture in America today, you have to simultaneously worship gay people as well as the Islamic terrorists who murder gay people. How does that compute, exactly?

Salty Says;

In my opinion Islam is a disillusioned political system that combines religion and politics. I cannot understand how the people who would be persecuted by this perverted rule of laws are the ones trying so hard to usher it in. This is actually where the gay, lesbian community and me will be treated the same. In fact because I am a Devout Catholic I am considered an enemy of Islam because I am Cristian. I am considered an enemy of the Gay or a Lesbian because I am a Christian. Although I may not have fans over on rainbow ave. I bet they will be the first ones shouting for my involvement when they are sacrificed on behalf of a false belief. Sheep Dogs , Easy Days and a Global Force for Good, see ya down range cause this aint getting any cleaner!


If you’re a rational, thinking person, then you already know you’re living in a society largely populated by mentally ill people who believe one or more of the popular delusions described here. So what’s the solution to all this?


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