MENTALLY ILL AMERICA: Demand 6 The 10 delusional demands of political correctness

MENTALLY ILL AMERICA: Demand 6 The 10 delusional demands of political correctness

Political correctness

(NaturalNews) Political correctness, at its core, is an insidious demand that you dismiss the evidence you witness with your own eyes, replacing it with delusional, false narratives that have been shoved into your head by the conforming, obedient masses.


If you believe any of these things, you are clinically insane and probably need to have your head examined.

The 6th delusional demand of political correctness


Demand #6) It is demanded that you agree police are never justified in shooting any black person at all, even if that black person was in the act of committing a violent crime or waving guns at police. Any time a police officer wins a fight with a black person, you must call it “police brutality.” The only non-racist police officers are those who allow themselves to be shot by black criminals, thereby proving there were never racist in the first place.

It’s kind of like the old witch hunt test, where you throw a suspected witch in the river and see if she floats. Since everybody believed that only witches could float, if the person floated, you burn them to death as a witch. If they sink to their death, then that proves they were innocent. Today, the war on police is nothing more than a racist witch hunt translated into the mentally ill language of “social justice.”

The politically incorrect truth that needs to be stated is that black people are arrested more often by cops for the simple reason that black people are committing more violent crimes, explain black police officers in their own words. Check out the Facebook post of African-American police officer Jay Stalien:

Black Lives do not matter to most black people. Only the lives that make the national news matter to them. Only the lives that are taken at the hands of cops or white people, matter. The other thousands of lives lost, the other black souls that I along with every cop, have seen taken at the hands of other blacks, do not matter. Their deaths are unnoticed, accepted as the “norm”, and swept underneath the rug by the very people who claim and post “black lives matter”.

Complaint: Police always targeting us, they always messing with the black man.

Fact: A city where the majority of citizens are black (Baltimore for example) …will ALWAYS have a higher rate of black people getting arrested, it will ALWAYS have a higher rate of blacks getting stopped, and will ALWAYS have a higher rate of blacks getting killed, and the reason why is because a city with those characteristics will ALWAYS have a higher rate of blacks committing crime. The statistics will follow the same trend for Asians if you go to China, for Hispanics if you go to Puerto Rico, for whites if you go to Russia, and the list goes on. It’s called Demographics.


Salty says;

sorry to have to use a saying from a white guys TV show to comment on a black on black crime,  but you made me. The cop show berretta says “if you don’t wanna do the time then don’t do the crime”. simple statistics show this is crap! Much like a lot of the garbage that is spewed out the orifices of those mental giants. Another pretty simple fact when you speak to Law Enforcement they give an even simpler response White criminals comply to LEO commands, oh they gripe about it but they don’t get stupid about it.

quite frankly there are more black youths murdering black youths than Police can ever do. Where is the outrage from the mythological black leaders??????? they are to busy cashing those checks the race baiting produces. they don’t talk about the murdering of children on our streets and in our neighborhood until the story fits the cash registers….CHA CHING! But polite society will play along with your silly little game and watch you kill each other, until it spills over into our/ their neighborhoods and then we will tire of it and act without prejudice and then what will you do? Whom might you blame, when there is no one left sympathetic to your nonsense , no matter the color of their skin?


Solutions for living as a rational person in a mentally ill society

If you’re a rational, thinking person, then you already know you’re living in a society largely populated by mentally ill people who believe one or more of the popular delusions described here. So what’s the solution to all this?


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