MENTALLY ILL AMERICA: Demand 4 of The 10 delusional demands of political correctness

MENTALLY ILL AMERICA: Demand 4 of The 10 delusional demands of political correctness

Political correctness

If you believe any of these things, you are clinically insane and probably need to have your head examined.

The 4th delusional demand of political correctness

Demand #4) It is demanded that you operate under the illusion that only “progressives” have compassion for women and children while, at the same time, supporting the partial birth abortion organ harvesting of living children at abortion centers across the country. This act of harvesting organs from babies, of course, requires killing the babies in the process. You are demanded to affirm that no such thing ever takes place and to believe that all babies are “dead” until the moment they are fully born at which point they are suddenly “alive.” Such a belief defies biological reality, logic and reason, yet it is a key platform of progressivism and P.C. delusion.

Seriously: Progressives believe that when just the head portion of a baby emerges from the birth canal, that baby isn’t yet “alive” and therefore the head can be “harvested” for “scientific research” without violating any ethics or morals whatsoever. It is notable that when ISIS terrorists cut off the heads of people, it’s called “terror.” When abortionists cut off the heads of living babies, it’s called “scientific research.” This practice is wholly supported, funded and even encouraged by progressives who somehow tell themselves that the murder of fully developed, living babies is a “women’s health” right. Huh?

Salty Dawg says;

Consider me one of the PC incorrect When I say ABORTION IS MURDER! Go ahead call me names say I am narrow minded, insinuate I am not evolved. I care not for your opinions of me. You can only these assertions because your birth mother decided to continue with your life, In simpler terms you may can grasp, she decided not to KILL YOUR DUMB ARSE, and you still believe you have value! When a society holds no value for life, then I believe there is no value in that society.

There are folks who espouse to be concerned about the crimes committed against humanity, where are they when speaking up for the tens of thousands of LIVES murdered each day?

You want to talk about black on black crimes how many black children are aborted daily where are the so called black leaders decrying the inhumanity of this? Would it be to difficult for those whom propose to speak on our behalf on moral issues to simply tell the truth about the only 100% positive way to avoid pregnancy is to not have SEX? Is this little fact lost on the morally right? How can a person who claims to have a relationship with God reason out that the WANTING MURDER OF HIS CREATION is somehow justified because it is your will to be done?

Yep, I am calling out you pretentious hypocrites that profess to follow Christ. YOU ARE WRONG! ABORTION IS WRONG! Your SALVATION is not my responsibility, it is yours, but if you believe the way your hypocritical self professes then you will face the ABBA and explain to him why your profession of faith was vacant of any meaning!

For those of you who say nothing are equally culpable because your silence breeds acceptance. FROM WHAT YOU PERMIT IS WHAT YOU PROMOTE!

As I was writing this, I pondered when we will get to the point when someone decides because of expediency you hold no value and you should be TERMINATED! I wonder if anyone would speak up for you, nay, I wonder if anyone should?

Solutions for living as a rational person in a mentally ill society

If you’re a rational, thinking person, then you already know you’re living in a society largely populated by mentally ill people who believe one or more of the popular delusions described here. So what’s the solution to all this?

Believe your own experience and  Spend more time in nature, In essence, all of us must now practice mental self-defense. We must defend our own minds from the twisted distortions, influence and psychological pollution of the P.C. zombies. This requires real dedication to clear thinking and the turning off of all mainstream media sources (which specialize in persuasively presenting false narratives as facts).

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