54-Day Rosary Novena – offered in thanks to God

Let me be clear to all you trolls that will deluge my inbox for daring to promote my faith in God by Posting this. It is my Site and until they shut me down for my beliefs I will post what I want. I believe that in todays time we have gotten away from the principles of what brought this country into prominence, and we were blessed by God until we started moving away from the basic ethics and morals practiced by the Founding Fathers. I do not care if You worship a Rock, the sky or have different gods that is your decision. I have many friends that we agree on the foundational belief of do unto others. Some are of Odin others are Zen, Buddhism, Jewish, Taoism, Roman Catholic as well as many different faiths within the Christian religion, I even have Atheist and conflicted Atheist that I show tolerance because I wish to be shown tolerance in my faith and to be left alone to worship as I see fit.

I have of course, left out some Cults that I believe are a plague upon this planet however, show respect and I wont tell you to KISS MY IRISH ASS!

If this is not your thing then show respect and take this opportunity to shut up, it is for those that Pray the Rosary, and hey who couldn’t Pray for a little Peace, and for strength for what is to come!!

54-Day Rosary Novena


Perhaps the most powerful novena is the 54-Day Rosary Novena, a series of six consecutive nine-day novenas. The first three novenas are offered for the intention, while the last three are offered in thanks to God in anticipation of granting the favor.

The Mary Foundation and many of its benefactors pray five 54-day novenas every year. You don’t have to pray alone.

Families across the world will be praying a 54-Day Rosary Novena with CatholiCity, Saint Jude Media, and the Mary Foundation this year. Mark your calendars:

Begins January 1st: Feast of Mary, Mother of God
Ends February 23rd: Feast of Saint Polycarp

Begins March 19th: Feast of Saint Joseph, Husband
Ends May 11th: Feast of Saint Francis di Girolama

Begins June 22nd: Feast of Saint Thomas More
Ends August 14th: Feast of Saint Maximilian Kolbe

Begins August 15th: Feast of the Assumption
Ends October 7th: Feast of the Holy Rosary

Begins October 16th: Feast of Saint Margaret Mary
Ends December 8th: The Immaculate Conception

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