2 of 12 potentially life-threatening errors you’re making in food preparedness and survival strategies

This is the Second installment of the 12 potentially life-threatening errors

you’re making in food preparedness and  survival strategies

Written by Mike Adams

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#2) You’re likely miscalculating the number of meals you have  stored

Most storable food companies fudge more than a little on the number  of meals their kits provide. A large collection of buckets or boxes emblazoned  with the claim, “557 meals!” sounds a lot better than “335” meals, even if it’s  the same number of calories.
So storable food companies have long been in  the habit of shrinking the definition of “meals” in order to make their products  appear larger than they really are. Always check the actual number of calories  delivered per day, not merely the number of “meals” you’re buying. You may come  to find that you’ve stored 557 children’s meals, not adult  meals!
Another important consideration is to get realistic about your  caloric needs. Most Americans are fairly large people who consume far more than  the 1,500- 2,000 calories a day which is often considered the “standard” for  survival planning. If you’re living on 3,000 calories a day right now but you’ve  only stored food based on 1,500 calories per day meal plans, you’re either going  to run out of food in half the time you anticipated or you’ll force yourself  onto a calorie restriction diet (which may not be a terrible thing, if you’re  like most Americans).

Again From The Pirates Republic point of view you should be eating what you store and storing what you eat! to Repeat myself from the last article Eating What your store is important to get your body in the habit of processing good quality food and not the latest Mushroom and Swiss burger with green chilies on it (one of my favs!) We aren’t saying you cant have the occasional cookie from the dark side, sometimes its kinda rewarding to be a BAD BOY every once in a while! What the TPR is saying is balance it out now while times are good so when SHTF you will not have a bodily revolt on your hands!

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