Top 5 Reasons to get Essential Oils ahead of an economic collapse

Top 5 Reasons to Get Essential Oils Ahead of an Economic Collapse

By Julie Behling-Hovdal

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“I think this horrible idea [QE3] just bought you a couple of years.”

– Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast


It’s always humbling to consider that the way life we enjoy today in America is not immune to cataclysmic change.  When I was younger, I spent a year and a half living in provincial towns and cities in Russia.  As a missionary from America, I lived a relatively privileged existence there.  For instance,  I was never compelled to travel 1 1/2 hours on public transportation one way several times a week all summer and fall to a small garden plot on the outskirts of town and grow my own produce just so I could feed my family.

But I did experience a measure of life in a “second-world” country.  I did laundry by hand in my bathtub and hung it to dry on the balcony.  I shopped for groceries on foot and bought much of my food from street vendors who had grown the food themselves.  I had to learn to make just about everything from scratch from actual real food that came from the ground!

My experience in Russia was life-changing for me on a number of levels.  Besides learning more self-sufficiency in my early 20′s than many adults in America seem to acquire in their entire lifetimes (unless they grow up on a farm or in a family that stresses self-sufficiency), I was there when the ruble collapsed in the summer of 1998.

The devaluing of Russia’s ruble sparked high levels of inflation overnight, severe shortages of even basic food commodities, temporary shut-downs of some factories, and the dissolution of savings for millions of Russians.  The middle-class was hardest hit, as they actually had savings to lose.

I am not an economist — a lot of that stuff goes right over my head.  But I am no dummy.  I don’t need to hear it from a talking head on the nightly news to realize that we are in uncertain economic times.  I can see the writing on the wall — nations like Greece, Ireland, and Spain are experiencing financial crises.  Our financial policies as a nation cannot be continued indefinitely.  We could be next.

Today I was listening to Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast talk about his forecast for America’s economy and his recommendations for preparing for a potential economic collapse.  Jack shared just how bad this new QE3 will be for America — the longer the high, the more difficult the eventual hangover.  But he did share that he thinks it has bought preppers another couple of years to dig in and get ready. That could be good news!

Whether that’s true or not, I am taking action now and making self-sufficiency a greater part of my lifestyle just like many of you.  I’ve taken food storage seriously.  I have extra bedding and clothing, some extra fuel.  I am working on getting out of debt, though it may take longer than I would like.  I am developing skill sets in gardening, food preservation, self-defense/martial arts, and of course — the healing arts and medical preparedness.  This is not paranoia — it is common sense!

I recently wrote on article –  Top 3 Reasons to Get Essential Oils for Disaster Preparedness — in which I share how essential oils could help save the day in a natural disaster.  Here’s my two cents on why you should consider essential oils as part of a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and preparedness for a potential collapse of the economy.

The Top 5 Reasons to Get Essential Oils Ahead of an Economic Collapse:

1. Help replace prescription medications –

Lack of prescription medicines is projected to be the #1 cause of death in an economic collapse.  50% of the population in America uses Rx drugs, and are dependent on drugs for diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and many other illnesses.  Can you imagine what would happen if all the people on antidepressants went off their meds cold-turkey and didn’t have any kind of back-up?!

I understand dependence on prescription drugs.  I used to be on 4 of them that I could not function without.  I was able to get off all of them using essential oils, supplements, and lifestyle changes, and I feel confident that almost everyone out there can as well.  It may take time.  It may take a commitment to change what you put into your mouth.  You may need to use some essential oils and stockpile a few of them.  It is possible.

What good will all the other preparations do you if you are on Rx drugs, can’t live or function without them, and the economy bottoms out making drug supplies short or unavailable to most of us?  My book/ebook “Medical Preparedness for Adults”  provides details on how to get off the most commonly-prescribed drugs for adults.

2. Help with infectious disease –

No antibiotics + potentially poor sanitation + stressed immune systems = an opportunity for infectious disease to run rampant.  No wonder infectious disease is expected to be the #4 cause of death in an economic collapse.

Besides exercising caution with sanitation including hand-washing and staying away from sick people, Thieves oil and our Vitamin D serum are two things I would not want to be without — both now and in the event of future collapse.  Thieves oil has been university tested and found to kill 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses.  It was found 100% effective against MRSA after 2 minutes of direct exposure.

Vitamin D is known to boost the immune system naturally and help protect the body from cold, flu, and other infectious disease.

3. Help with anxiety and despair –

Emotional and mental distress are projected to be the #5 cause of death in the event of an economic collapse.  In the wake of Greece’s economic woes, suicide rates have skyrocketed.  Besides suicide, anxiety and despair can lead to a compromised immune system and an inability to face life, making an individual susceptible to death in any number of ways.

Essential oils have a long and prestigious track record of helping to calm stress and anxiety.  I know of nothing more powerful (and safe) to use and store.  Lavender, Peace & Calming, Valor, vetiver, and Stress-Away are all excellent choices to use now for stressful situations, and have on hand well ahead of any collapse.

4. Help with injuries from accidents-

The #7 cause of death in an economic collapse is projected to be injuries from accidents, such as broken bones, head injuries, and wounds. Left untreated because of no access to medical care, these types of injuries will be much more serious than they are now.

I wrote an article Essential Oils for Common Childhood Injuries that gives examples of how to use the oils to provide major help with injury.  Essential oils help to stop bleeding, help cells to regenerate, prevent infection, soothe inflammation, and more.


5. Even if the economy never collapses, you’ll enjoy greater self-reliance with your health and the savings that can bring.

I enjoy turning to my home supply of essential oils for help with my health much more than I enjoy going to the pharmacy or doctor when that visit could be prevented!


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