Toni, the Prisoner: Original Article Written by The Survival Diva response by Salty Dawg

Toni, the Prisoner:

When the lights went out, security at the prison was compromised. Most of the jail guards left for home at first sign of trouble. Now, the tables are turned and Toni and several other inmates have escaped. Toni and his group are on foot, but that doesn’t present a problem because their rural location offers plenty of opportunities. The farmers in the area have fruits and vegetables ripe for the picking. Several in the vicinity raise horses. Now that he and the other inmates broke out of prison, Toni considers himself lucky; the problem of food and transportation is solved…once he and the five other inmates have overtaken the family they’ve targeted….


Have you given thought to a “Safety in Numbers” plan or you going to Lone Wolf it? Should this plan be thought out ahead of time so everyone involved knows what to do and when to do it? Do you have a plan?

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