Good morning, men, A common accusation thrown at a devout Catholic man who would dare to reject the mores of his time and live chastely is the condemnation of being a “prude”. The insinuation of course being that, in one’s desire to wield his sexuality with dignity and discipline, he is a deprived and pitiful sot living his bland pleasure-less life waiting for his regret-filled death mourning the life he never lived. Drivel.  The word “prude” developed from the word “prudence”, a virtue which the German philosopher Josef Pieper regarded as being an oft forgotten virtue of extraordinary importance. Prudence is a virtue unlike the rest; while other virtues tend to be actions, prudence is the activity of exercising right reason. This is “philosophy talk” for saying that prudence is the ability to discern the right thing to do and the right time to do it. The prudent man thinks before he acts and discerns what is of God and the things of God, securing for himself and those he loves only the finest and holiest of things in what he says and does. The prudent man is the master of his desires and settles for nothing less than the supremacy of beatitude. Christopher Helle Editor in Chief Those Catholic Men

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