Survival Necessities: Knives

Survival Necessities: Knives

Create a shelter
If it’s going to rain or the sun is sapping your energy, you can use your knife to cut large bushy branches off of a tree. Lean these branches against a trunk or fallen log to make an impromptu lean-to shelter shielding you from the elements.

Call attention to search parties
Most blades when clean can reflect a good deal of light. If you find yourself without your signaling mirror wipe it clean and practice reflecting light on targets. Once you feel good about your aim use the standard SOS signal of 3 short flashes, 3 long flashes, followed by 3 short flashes towards the rescue teams to get their attention.

Start fire with knife

Make a fire
Many knives, like the Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife, have a flint exposure on the blade and a firestarter included. This will help you start a fire quickly and easily. If your knife doesn’t have a firestarter, you can use the knife to cut pieces of tinder to start a fire.

Make hunting gear
You can create a good hunting or fishing spear by finding a long straight branch. Cut off all the plant shoots and sharpen the edge or lash the knife to the end of the spear. Test and refine your spear by changing up the balance so you can get a predictable and accurate weapon.

Clean your catch
Whether it is fish or game, you are going to need to prep it for cooking. A nice sharp knife is needed to remove skin, bones, and parts that you may not want to eat.

Clear a path
Need to get from A to B? While a machete or a parang might be a more effective device for clearing brush that is in your way you can still use a knife to cut away obstacles in your path.

Gather intel
Use a knife to make different contraptions that would help you gather information on what is moving around your particular area. Don’t have a trip wire? Cut thin 6-12 inch twigs and place them on commonly used paths then conceal them by laying grass over the top. Check regularly to see if larger animals/people are walking through a given area, if they are broken you know game or someone is nearby.

Make rope and lines
While different techniques are used for different woods types which may or may not be available in your area it is worth reading up and trying out rope a corn making skills. Not only will you wow your friends it is a fun thing to do with your family. Check out this great video from

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